Oasys and Pacific Meta Forge Alliance to Propel Blockchain Gaming in Chinese-Speaking Communities

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    Oasys and Pacific Meta Forge Alliance advance blockchain gaming in Chinese-speaking communities
    January 26, 2024
    January 26, 2024

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    Oasys has established a strategic partnership with Pacific Meta, a prominent company that facilitates gaming companies' entry into Chinese-speaking markets. The partnership aims to introduce blockchain gaming to Chinese-speaking communities by leveraging Pacific Meta's expertise in localization, social media management, key opinion leader (KOL) marketing, and community engagement. .

    Pacific Meta’s important role in blockchain game marketing

    Pacific Meta is well-known for supporting Chinese-speaking gaming companies and brings extensive experience in operating and market presence in Chinese. They are skilled at employing KOL and community-driven strategies and are therefore in a position to make a significant contribution to the marketing of blockchain games. Using these strategies effectively is critical to capturing the attention of your Chinese-speaking audience.

    Align your partnership goals with recent developments in Oasys

    Oasys recently announced the Dragon Update, which focuses on enhanced interoperability, ecosystem development, and delivering engaging content. Our collaboration with Pacific Meta aligns seamlessly with these objectives, especially in creating customized Chinese language content for blockchain gamers in Southeast Asia. This strategic partnership will not only make Oasys games more accessible, but also cater to the specific preferences of the Chinese-speaking community.

    Expanding the Oasys gaming ecosystem

    The collaboration between Oasys and Pacific Meta promises to expand Oasys' gaming ecosystem and introduce blockchain gaming to a wider audience. Pacific Meta's localized marketing efforts are poised to enhance the accessibility of his Oasys games in target markets and maximize the potential of blockchain games within the Chinese-speaking community.

    Oasys' commitment to games that let you earn by playing

    Oasys is actively working with major publishers such as SEGA and Bandai Namco to popularize play-and-earn games. This innovative gaming model leverages blockchain technology to enhance the entire gaming experience, shifting the focus from simply earning money to creating immersive and rewarding gameplay.

    Strategic Collaboration and Ecosystem Fund

    Blockchain gaming specialist Oasys recently announced collaborations with industry leaders such as Ubisoft, double, MIXI,, BLOCKSMITH&Co., Enish Co., Ltd., and Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. Did. These partnerships aim to develop immersive and challenging blockchain gaming experiences. To support early stage projects for gaming decentralized applications, infrastructure and studios, Oasys has introduced his Oasys Ecosystem Fund. The fund is backed by his US$20 million working capital and will invest in digital assets over the next six years, providing financial and strategic support to emerging projects.

    Oasys Passport: Simplify your entry into Web3 games

    In line with its commitment to user-friendly solutions, Oasys has introduced Oasys Passport, a wallet app designed to simplify entry into the Web3 gaming space. Tailored to meet the needs of gamers and developers within the Oasys ecosystem, this wallet aims to streamline transactions and improve the overall user experience.

    Oasys Advanced Blockchain Design

    The Oasys platform features a two-layer blockchain design with a hub layer and a verse layer designed to provide stability and scalability for game developers. The platform operates on a multi-token economy, leveraging its native token, OAS, as well as Verse tokens, gaming tokens, and Dapps tokens to power various aspects of the ecosystem. This sophisticated approach strengthens Oasys' commitment to building a robust and dynamic environment for blockchain gaming enthusiasts.


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