Oddly-shaped PlayStation 5 Pro concept emphasizes VR immersion for Metaverse games

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    Sony just released the PlayStation 5 Slim to give gamers another reason to sit on the couch this winter season. This console is considerably smaller than its big brother model released in November 2020. Questions remain. Is the PS5 a better version of his PS5, or are gamers worth buying Sony's better gaming console?

    Here, the PlayStation 5 Pro rumors sound exciting, filling the long gap of silence until the PS6 finally hits store shelves. Like the PS4 Pro, the PS5 Pro game console is destined to be an improved version of the base PlayStation 5. So what will the PS5 Pro, expected to launch probably in November 2024, be like? It will be more powerful, have more memory, and have advanced hardware.

    Designer: Lee Soon-jae

    This flashy concept gives us wings to the imagination as to what the PS5 Pro will bring to the competition. The main focus here is on the augmented reality and virtual reality aspects of modern gaming, and that's where we're headed in the future. Such gaming console gear requires a VR headset and accompanying controller. The back of the console houses the VR controller and headset, with wireless plug-and-play functionality.

    The bottom of the back handles the organization aspect to minimize the clutter of the main cable runs to the console. The most interesting thing about this concept console is the controller. It works as a knuckle controller in conjunction with a VR headset for an immersive experience. When you combine the two, it works as a regular controller of the current generation.

    Not only the controller, but the VR headset also has some amazing features hidden in it. There are docked wireless earbuds that can be used to make the audio more immersive. Overall, the PS5 Pro concept is designed to enhance your gaming experience in the Metaverse. To spice up his customary PlayStation theme, Seung-jae designed the render with peppy options including camouflage skins.


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