OneMeta AI and BizzTech collaborate on world’s first multilingual metaverse

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    OneMeta AI’s Verbum Software Developer Kit™ is used by BizzTech to create the “Europa Altar 3.0 – Museum of the Metaverse” (a 100 square meter physical drawing created by artist ANTOINETTE) to enable real-time multilingual communication between/participants, We have transformed it into an immersive and interactive photorealistic experience. First metaverse project sponsored by

    The world’s first multilingual metaverse project, OneMeta AI (OTC PINK:ONEI)a multilingual company, and Biztecha virtual reality technology platform provider.

    As part of that, BizzTech was introduced. OneMeta AI’s New release Verbum SDKTransform Artist Antoinette™ “Europa 3.0 Altar – Metaverse Museum” To a first-of-its-kind digital experience that enables real-time multilingual interaction among digital patrons of the arts.

    As a result, visitors from all over the world can explore painstakingly crafted unique works of art and interact with each other as digital avatars of metaverse representations. “Altar of Europa 3.0” You can also speak and read discussions in real time in your native language, regardless of what other visitors speak.

    “With the help of Verbum™ Software Developer KitAustin CEO and co-founder Dirk Schmidt said: , his Texas-based BizzTech.

    “Europa 3.0 Altar – Metaverse Museum” Created in physical form by Antoinette over three years as a 100 square meter work of art drawn in pen. “Altar of Europa 3.0” officially launched on Thursday (March 16th) in the Metaverse, with over 1,200 individuals from around the world participating in the digital launch, 70 as avatars and the rest as livestream attendees.

    According to award-winning AR/VR/Metaverse consultant and author David Sime, transferring artwork to the Metaverse has many benefits for different audiences.

    “Statistically, people who visit a space digitally are over 30% more likely to visit it in person,” Sime said. “Venue owners, don’t worry, this will actually increase footfall (foot traffic), not replace it. But for many people around the world, there is no other way It also provides access for artists to expose their work to places and cultures that would otherwise not have been seen or seen.

    Saul Leal, CEO and co-founder of OneMeta AIhe was not surprised by the success of BizzTech Verbum SDK It takes the metaverse to a whole new level.

    “Until something is done for the first time, like Roger Bannister being the first person to run a mile in less than four minutes, we often think it will never happen,” Leal said. rice field. “As people have wondered, this also applies to the Metaverse. “Is the Metaverse destined to be limited only to individuals using the same language?” BizzTech and OneMeta AI proved that the metaverse can literally support many languages ​​at once.

    “In fact, using today’s technology tools, we are able to support 80 different languages ​​and 42 different dialects in near-real-time, speech-to-text, text-to-text, text-to-speech, producing highly accurate speech. It provides: speech translation, closed captioning, transcription, faster, more accurate, and cheaper than Google or Deepgram.”

    “Europa 3.0 Altar – Metaverse Museum” overview

    pen-on-paper center “Altar of Europa 3.0” Art is the section Antoinette named as: “Seven Guardians of the Days of the Week” A mythical individual designed to pay attention to society’s negativity. Physical artwork – “Altar of Europa 3.0” – was created by the artist from 2018 to 2020. When completed, it will fill 100 square meters of paper (5 x 20 meters, height x length) and will require over 1,500 pens to complete, featuring millions of pen strokes.

    take “Altar of Europa 3.0” The world became accessible through the metaverse because museuma new organization bringing art market participants to the metaverse.

    “For me, developing a business model in the metaverse goes far beyond creating a digital twin,” said Thomas Hampel, CEO and co-founder of “As an entrepreneur, manager and consultant, my focus is on creating added value for the users created by this technology.”

    “As an artist, I am fulfilling my vision. “Altar of Europa 3.0” And transforming my physical artwork into a virtual world,” says Antoinette, artist and art director/co-founder of “It provides audiences with an unforgettable art experience and shows the art market what possibilities exist for presentations in the Metaverse.”

    “Altar of Europa 3.0” Rosi Vieira, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of BizzTech, said: “With highly realistic avatars and integrated translation tools, “Altar of Europa 3.0” Visitors can communicate about what they see and what they are moved by without being restricted by geographical or language barriers.and by using Verbum SDKhave shown that it is possible to break down one of the final barriers facing international business and the metaverse. ”

    For more information

    To understand how real-time multilingual communication works in the Metaverse, “Altar of Europa 3.0 – Museum of the Metaverse:”

    Learn more about artist ANTOINETTE here.

    For more information, Verbum SDKPlease come

    For more information, “Europa 3.0 Altar – Metaverse Museum” please See this excellent article world art news.

    About BizTech

    BizzTech, a virtual reality technology platform provider, Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) provides premium Metaverse solutions to move your business into immersive, interactive and photorealistic 3D environments. As the perfect bridge from Web2 to Web3, BizzTech’s platform is well-positioned for mass adoption through its unique combination of new technologies and the perfect mix of features and capabilities for all kinds of business interactions. Users can easily access the platform from any device with a browser and a low-bandwidth internet connection.BizzTech serves industries such as banking, insurance, construction, retail, mining, healthcare, marketing and IT. offers.

    About Verbum SDK

    of Verbum Software Developer Kit Enable integration for software programmers, channel partners, and enterprise development teams. OneMeta AI’s Powerful multilingual communication engine – verb™ – new or existing software as a service Applications and/or client/server programs help remove communication barriers for multinational companies and/or companies serving customers who speak/read different languages.

    About OneMeta AI

    OneMeta AI is a multilingual company focused on solving communication challenges in a world of over 7,100 languages. Its unique end-to-end natural language processing (NLP) architecture, developed using generative artificial intelligence tools (AI), can synthesize, translate and transcribe spoken and written words in less than a second. increase. its first product, verbsupports near-real-time web-based conversations, discussions, meetings, and online chat in 82 languages ​​and 40 dialects. Verbum SDKdevelopers can incorporate verb Incorporate benefits and features into new and/or existing software applications. OneMeta AI: talk. listen. read. Understanding.

    OneMeta AI, verb, Verbum SDKand “Speak. Listen. Read. Understand.” OneMeta AI, OneMeta AI and verb logo. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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