Paris Hilton launches Roblox fan hub

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    11:11 MediaThe new-generation media company co-founded by Paris Hilton and Bruce Gersh is launching Slivingland, an immersive funhub on Roblox. (“Live” is Hilton’s catchphrase, amalgamating “kill” and “live your best life”).

    Slivingland Fan Hub Brings Hilton Fans (More Than 70 Million on Record on Social Platforms Globally) to Engage in Branded Entertainment Content Including New Music, Podcasts, TV Shows, Movies and Partner Projects It’s a 24/7 experience that you can do. .

    In a statement, Hilton described the location as “a place where we can connect, create, live together and create unforgettable memories in a whole new virtual world.”

    “Thrillinglands is more than just a world.

    Already underway, August 25th will feature an immersive live DJ performance that will blur the lines between the real and virtual worlds. Other features include holograms and a nightclub with music mini-games on the dance floor. Another major element of the experience is the photography feature, which unlocks new collectibles.

    To celebrate the launch, Hilton will also drop 10 limited-edition digital fashion items into the experience through the end of September. Inspired by Y2K trends, these include accessories such as pink headphones, a choker his necklace, and a digital version of Hilton’s actual pink “sliving suit.”

    Slivingland is part of a larger metaverse and Web3 play for the music and entertainment industry, offering new ways for people to flexibly leverage fandom along with new revenue streams.

    Metaverse experiences like Roblox provide an enduring, immersive space where fans can connect with their favorite artists via avatars for a more personalized and engaging experience. These allow talent to scale these interactions, sell virtual goods, and develop partnerships with brands.

    Late last year, digital fashion retailer DRESSX announced a partnership with Music Group. Ultimately, a platform for selected WMG artists to design their own virtual fashion line with virtual clothes that fans can collect through her Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms her partners. will provide.

    The deal will create new avenues for fans to show their loyalty and generate new revenue streams for artists. A recent collaboration project hip hop at fifty, A digital fashion collection that celebrates a cultural phenomenon. Available in augmented reality, it features streetwear styles that defined hip-hop’s influence on fashion.

    And Nick Adler, co-founder of connected vintage fashion brand MNTGE, points to potential use cases for Web3 technology in storytelling both sports and music events. ERC-6551 technology Unlock perks and features with events and open up opportunities for gamification.

    The Slivingland Experience was created with the help of: interactive sawhorseElton John, Karlie Kloss, Alo Yoga, Tommy Hilfiger, and others behind Metaverse experiences.

    11:11 Media has worked with brands such as L’Oréal’s Urban Decay, Hilton Hotels, Klarna, NBC, iHeart Media and Taco Bell.

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