Patricia suspends withdrawal following security breach

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    Patricia Technologies Limited announced Stop withdrawals in the app. According to the team, the suspension of activities is a temporary suspension due to internal restructuring. Patricia is a digital payment infrastructure best known for trading cryptocurrencies and gift cards.

    Prior to making the decision to suspend withdrawals on both web and mobile platforms, Patricia experienced a breach in the retail application of a company called Patricia Personals. The team said only Patricia Personal was affected by the breach among other divisions of the company, including Patricia OTC Desk and Patricia Business. According to Patricia, Bitcoin (BTC) and Naira assets were compromised after the breach. However, it did not disclose how many assets were compromised.

    However, Patricia assured that user funds are safe. All other crypto balances will remain unaffected, assuring the public that all customer and merchant assets are safe.

    In addition, Patricia said they were able to collect more clues leading to the perpetrators of the violations and identify the individuals involved in the conduct. “Our security team, with the help of law enforcement, was able to identify individuals within the syndicated group involved in this breach,” the team said.

    Patricia said the team will continue to work with security agencies and other partners to pursue leads. She added that efforts will be made to increase security. The team also said a thorough audit of the situation would be conducted and the assets would be recovered.

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