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    A new era of immersive 3D classrooms allows students to learn at UCI schools. Paul Merage Business School Learn in a virtual reality environment.In cooperation with Victory XRThe school is creating a state-of-the-art digital twin known as Metaversity that fosters collaboration between students and faculty in a simulated campus setting.

    Merage School’s digital twin faithfully represents the physical campus and extends its possibilities into the virtual realm. It will also create space for global engagement opportunities for alumni, current and prospective student communities, and other business partners around the world.

    On Thursday, November 2, Merage School will host a virtual ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the launch of Metaversity. After the event, students in Business Instructor Larry Wilke’s Fall 2023 Into the Metaverse class will pilot presentations and collaborations in Merage School’s interactive presentation. Her 40 students in this groundbreaking course, the first of its kind in the University of California system, wear his Meta Quest 2 headsets and learn in an immersive environment.

    “The Merage School digital twin represents the beginning of our university’s journey,” he said. tom andriola, UCI Vice-Chancellor for Data and Information Technology. “By blending cutting-edge technology with traditional academic environments, we are creating new paradigms in learning environments and seeding new models of experience and participation.”

    dean Ian O. Williamson “This innovative initiative reaffirms the Paul Merage School of Business’ commitment to providing students with a world-class education focused on leadership in a digitally driven world. , is just the latest manifestation of its core values. We look forward to seeing how this venture helps shape the future of higher education.”

    U.C.I. Data and Information Technology Office is supporting this effort, led by Keri Albers, Digital Innovation Project Manager and Technical Lead for Into the Metaverse.


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