Pranjali Awasthi’s AI Startup Grows to $12M in Valuation

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    In the world of technology, where innovation appears at every corner, few stories have captured the imagination as vividly as Pranjali Awasthi’s.

    In 2022, this 16-year-old entrepreneur from an Indian academic background introduced her brainchild, Delv.AI, to the world. After just one year, this startup has occupied a remarkable position. Valuation: 100 million rupees (approximately $12 million).

    Beyond numbers and accolades, Awasthi’s journey highlights the complex intertwining of education, cultural influences, and personal drive. Her trajectory, which blends her educational roots in India and her exposure to the global technology ecosystem, provides insight into the factors that shaped her into a young technology visionary of this era.

    Formative period: From India to Florida

    Awasthi’s early exposure to technology in India came from her father, an engineer, who was passionate about computer science education. By the time she was 7 years old, she was immersed in coding. This shows her aptitude and the basic role of her first schooling. She told Business Insider:

    “My father is an engineer and believes that computer science is a course that should be taught in schools alongside other major programs.”

    “His passion and values ​​inspired me to start coding at the age of seven,” she added.

    At age 11, Awasthi’s education expanded when her family moved to Florida, opening the door to specialized computer science courses and a rigorous math program.

    Combining organizational knowledge and individual initiative

    Beyond structured courses, Awasthi demonstrated her enthusiasm by interning in a lab at Florida International University at just 13 years old. she said,

    “As a research intern, I was acutely aware of how difficult it is to find exactly what you need on a search engine.”

    This hands-on experience is credited with allowing her to delve deeper into the nuances of machine learning. Her learning journey has been a harmonious blend of self-directed exploration and structured training from both Indian and American educational frameworks, which has helped her hone her technical abilities. Ta.

    Awasthi said his experience as an intern and the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3 beta led him to think about using AI to streamline the data extraction process.

    Delv.AI concept and global vision

    What started as an idea during her internship began to take shape as Awasthi’s determination grew. “Delv.AI “It wasn’t a fully formed idea yet, but I knew I wanted to start a company that used machine learning to extract data and eliminate data silos,” she shared.

    Her ambitions found wings at Miami Hack Week, where she connected with the founders of startup accelerator Backend Capital. She accepted an invitation to join her 12-week cohort and launched a beta version of her Delv.AI on Product Hunt, which garnered a lot of attention.

    Although Awasthi’s vision for Delv.AI was rooted in Indian tradition, it was always global. She envisioned a platform where researchers around the world could leverage her AI to pinpoint the exact information they were looking for, breaking down the barriers posed by traditional search engines.

    Education, values, and future path

    Awasthi’s story goes beyond her accomplishments and provides a panoramic view of India’s evolving educational ethos. India is proud of its academic traditions, but Awasthi’s trajectory illustrates the delicate balance between these traditions and the entrepreneurial spirit of the country’s youth.

    “My parents are Indian, so academics are a top priority for them,” Awasthi recalled, acknowledging that her decision challenged traditional expectations. But through her accomplishments and vision, she embodies the transformative potential of education and her relentless ambition.


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