Presence Over Proximity: How Tony Parisi’s Metaverse Will Vaporize Distance

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    It's been nearly three years since the Metaverse took the world by storm, captivating the public's imagination and investors' wallets alike. Today, thanks to the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, this technology seems almost forgotten. But this doesn't stop metaverse visionaries like: Tony Parisi VR pioneers believe this move will forever change our concept of distance.

    “I strongly believe in the potential of the Metaverse to take the Internet to its next stage of development.” Parisi, who wrote the now iconic work, explains: 7 Rules of the Metaverse. “The potential lies not in flashy graphics or massively multiplayer games, which will definitely be a big part of the new metaverse, but more importantly in bringing people around the world together. It lies in our ability to connect and, in a sense, transcend the limitations of space, which the Internet does not currently do.”

    Since the Parisi collaboration in the mid-1990s. VRMLis the original standard for 3D on the web, and every aspect of Metaverse technology, from graphics to networking, continues to improve. Consumer-grade 3D and virtual reality are no longer a pipe dream. All mobile phones are equipped with 3D graphics chips, and VR headsets like the Meta Quest offer a great experience at an affordable price. Imagine being able to visit ancient ruins, connect with remote colleagues to design new products, or attend a live concert with friends without leaving the comfort of your living room or office. please look. It's all possible thanks to the continued efforts of innovators like Parisi.

    But while Parisi's technical expertise is invaluable in advancing cutting-edge technology, Parisi's focus these days is elsewhere.he founded metatron studio In July 2023, we will create new Metaverse content and experiences. By utilizing technologies such as web 3spatial computing, and of course artificial intelligence, the company is developing immersive entertainment and online communities with enduring appeal.

    Metatron is the culmination of Parisi's more than 20 years of work in technology and extensive experience as a musician, composer, and producer. To get the studio off the ground, Parisi recently pivoted from a storied technology career to date, including his six-year stint leading his VR and VR efforts as an executive at game engine giant Unity Software. I chose that. In the summer of 2023, he stepped down as chief product officer of Lamina1, a blockchain technology company founded by Metaverse creator Neil Stephenson himself. Parisi will remain with the company as an advisor and consultant, but now spends most of his time honing his skills as a creator of music, theater, visuals and 3D worlds rather than software.

    The project that led to the birth of Metatron was an idea that Parisi had been developing for more than a decade. 'Judgment Day,” A rock opera depicting a modern-day apocalypse. The film explores geopolitical conflicts, natural disasters, pandemics, and mass media, social tensions, and a comet hurtling toward a version of Earth not too dissimilar to our own, where instigators spread chaos and intrigue. , humanity will face catastrophe on all fronts. The live show is Currently under developmentwill combine elements of traditional and immersive theater with VR, AR, and projection maps. Metatron also plans to build his universe online in conjunction with his live productions, allowing fans to experience his shows virtually from anywhere at any time.

    “It has been almost 15 years since I finished writing the original libretto and score for Judgment Day, and at the time the technology did not exist to fully realize my vision.” said Parisi, who is also a graduate of Berklee College of Music. “I believe we now have the tools necessary to bridge traditional immersive theater with online worlds, virtual communities, VR and augmented reality, and interactive experiences accessible on desktop and mobile flat screens. doing.”

    recording of studio album “Judgment Day” It started at the end of 2021 and took a year to complete. This album contains 16 of his 21 songs in the musical, streaming service now, but only until then NFT collection Products released at the same time in 2023 are sold out. The album will then be accessible only to owners of the Judgment Day collection or other associated NFTs that grant access to streaming songs and live shows.

    metatron studio
    (Image credit: Metatron Studio)

    “NFT and Web3 technologies can synergize with fine art in unique ways. Looking beyond simple images of notable PFP collections such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, we see the incredible We see innovation, especially from visual artists and artists, with independent musicians offering collectors gamification, invaluable utility, and a thriving online community.” Parisi continued: “But what we haven’t yet seen is what happens when you combine these with metaverse technologies like VR, AR, and 3D worlds to create experiences that blur the lines between physical and digital. It’s no longer about imitating one or the other, but about creating something completely new.”

    The technology Parisi is leveraging is recognized as some of the most innovative technology of our time. However, most of them remain isolated in their potential despite rapid growth as they all compete with each other for the spotlight. Parisi's move to integrate many of them through his Web3 technology, which supports spatial computing, online worlds, his AI for rapid creation, digital collectibles and ticketed access, is an ambitious approach. But done right, the tools of the Metaverse could point the way to new ways to develop live shows and build and sustain global audiences for entertainment venues.

    “Spatial computing helps people transcend distance by allowing them to experience more things virtually in high fidelity.” Parisi points out: “And when real estate is combined with other technologies of the day, such as digital collections, Discord servers, and X-Space, the results can be revolutionary. We are building a community, especially discord on judgment day— Collectors and supporters who are fully invested in the success of Judgment Day in a way that can only happen in the Metaverse.

    AI may continue to dominate the conversation in the tech world over the next year, but Parisi's research suggests that the metaverse is not going anywhere and is actually become much stronger Thanks to that. The release of the long-awaited Apple Vision Pro should reinvigorate the big conversation around spatial computing, so expect a renewed interest in VR, AR, and related technologies. Parisi's version of the metaverse is an open, interoperable world where technologies work together to create something larger, similar to an upgraded Internet. By continuing to blur the lines between technologies and bringing them under one network, the Metaverse ensures that it fulfills the original promise of the Internet. evaporation distance.

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