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    December Temperature Check Results: 2023 ProAV

    Gibson Kete

    December results

    Now that December has passed and we've officially entered the new year, it's time to check out the results of rAVe's December Temperature Check. In this study, he wanted to get his readers' perspective on how the world of ProAV has changed in 2023. Mark Coxon of AVI-SPLwhich helps provide context about the results.

    Which market segment will grow the most in ProAV in 2023?

    The first question (above) focused on which market segment had grown the most over the past year, and the majority of respondents agreed that education had grown the most.

    Coxon agreed with the findings, noting that there are several opportunities opening up for the ProAV industry beyond the classroom in 2023.

    Which market segment will see the least growth for ProAV in 2023?

    However, respondents were quite divided on which market segment had the least growth in 2023, which Coxson said was due to the fact that there was no significant decline in any of the categories mentioned. thinking about. Instead, Coxon said each integrator will deliver slightly different results based on their vertical market focus.

    Which emerging technologies will create the most new opportunities in 2023?

    In the next question, we asked our readers what emerging technology they thought created the most new opportunities in 2023, and the majority agreed that artificial intelligence (AI) created the most new opportunities.

    “If you include things like auto-framing cameras, smart galleries, and personalized controls, AI generated the most revenue,” Coxon said.

    Which emerging technologies created the least new opportunities in 2023?

    Despite the hype, the majority of respondents said the Metaverse created the fewest new opportunities in 2023. According to Coxon, Metaverse lagged behind other categories in terms of revenue generation for his 2023.

    What was your profit margin this year?

    The next question focused on the current state of the ProAV industry. The majority of respondents said their profit margins remained the same (50.6%) or increased (36%). These results are promising for his ProAV industry heading into the new year.

    How will attending exhibitions and physical events change in 2023?

    The next question asked respondents about their level of participation in exhibitions and physical events. The majority of respondents indicated that their participation had not changed over the past year. This finding likely bodes well for the future of ProAV trade shows and shows that they will remain important to the industry even after the pandemic.

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