Publicly Traded Companies Jumping Aboard The VR Bandwagon

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    Needless to say, VR is a bandwagon worth jumping on for publicly traded companies looking to make a decent profit. First, because you already know that, and second, because you’ve seen a lot of companies moving into the VR space.

    VR is arguably the next big thing in entertainment, and while it’s not exactly mainstream yet, it’s well worth keeping an eye on with the many companies in stocks and stocks that are deeply involved in the market.

    Facebook, Alphabet, Sony and others are investing billions in virtual reality, as are software providers in the gaming industry.

    Playtech is also moving into VR There are several products such as VR Roulette and VR Shoot. Both experiences are tailored to provide a fun experience that can be placed in any casino or land-based gaming establishment. Additional features are intended to provide users with a more realistic and complete online gambling experience.

    With such a wide range of companies investing in VR, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before VR goes mainstream and some kits become the norm.

    As technology evolves rapidly, companies are buying VR startups to stay on top of the market. ValueSetters are recently Acquired SpaceoutVR Fulfilling its mission to add virtual reality to existing gaming opportunities, including online chess games, Amazon partnered with Fidelity Investments to explore VR in a more professional capacity.

    The two believe services such as financial advice can be provided via virtual reality bookings. For Amazon, this was an opportunity to step up and encourage other services and business sectors to consider similar opportunities.

    Either way, it won’t harm their stock. Facebook is probably the biggest winner if VR really goes mainstream. ‘s Oculus Go, which could be a big move to blow up the VR market.

    Activision Blizzard could also be a big 2019. They’re keeping development secret for now, but VR opportunities such as Call of Duty and other major games like World of Warcraft could be huge for the brand, and the potential It seems very high. Something is on the horizon with these titles.

    It will be interesting to see how public companies announce their developments. At this point, it’s a pretty daunting affair that no one wants to go first. Facebook’s first move with the Oculus Rift didn’t hit the mass market very well.

    However, from the casino industry to console games to even day-to-day operations, all industries are heavily invested.


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