Qualcomm Announces New Partners at MWC 2023

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    Qualcomm Technologies announced Monday that it has enhanced its support and expansion of its Augmented Reality (XR) solutions at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023.

    The company’s Snapdragon Spaces XR development platform has launched numerous investments across the immersive industry. Operators from different sectors have defined device requirements for Snapdragon Spaces and compatibility with his XR devices.

    This increases the availability of wirelessly tethered smart glasses and smartphones, network interoperability, and regional developer programs to innovate AR experiences and solutions.

    Xiaomi-OPPO-OnePlus Extension

    The development comes as a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Lenovo and OnePlus expand the XR offerings available at MWC 2023.

    Xiaomi recently announced the Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Spaces XR2 platform. Additionally, OPPO has announced a mixed reality (MR) device with Snapdragon Spaces Ready for its OnePlus 11 5G smartphone. The device includes his first-ever Snapdragon 8 Gen 2-enabled device that works seamlessly with Spaces Ready, allowing developers to power smart glasses and his AR devices.

    Against this backdrop, analyst firm CCS Insight released its first white paper featuring data, insights and use cases from Qualcomm and its global operators.

    Companies such as China Mobile (CMCC), KDDI Corporation, Deutsche Telekom, NTT QONOQ, Telefonica, Vodafon and T-Mobile contributed to the findings.

    Qualcomm Innovation Comments at MWC 2023

    China Mobile Group Device Company (CMCC)

    Speaking at Qualcomm, Cui Fang, Technology General Manager, China Mobile Communications Group Device Company, said his company is “fully invested in the Metaverse and XR.” It does so by implementing a strategy of “excellence in software and hardware technology”.

    he continued,

    “We have been working with Qualcomm Technologies on XR for many years, actively promoting the development of the industry and working together to solve industry challenges.

    He concluded that CMCC looks forward to working with Qualcomm to build a “developer ecosystem” and “facilitate the growth of the entire XR industry ecosystem.”


    At Mobile World Congress 2023, Jöerg Kramer, Group Head of Devices Products and Portfolio, Vodafoneexplained that Snapdragon Spaces has enabled his company to “make rapid progress to provide customers with real-world Headworn XR solutions.”

    “Our GigaAR Stage is a prime example, and we are working with Qualcomm Technologies to push the boundaries of XR.”

    Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile

    Furthermore, Sean Seaton, Senior Vice President, Deutsche Telekomadded that Snapdragon Spaces partnerships with US Qualcomm and T-Mobile led to the Berlin incubator Habraum.

    He added that the accelerator program has proven “how important Snapdragon Spaces are to developers and creators around the world.”

    Explaining further, he said,

    [The] The final team result was fantastic! His innovative XR use cases require our excellent 5G network to create an even better user experience. We are excited to take the next step by leveraging our unique assets in entertainment and enterprise solutions for the benefit of our customers. ”

    John Saw, Executive Vice President of Advanced and Emerging Technologies, T-Mobilesaid XR “combined with 5G is poised to unlock a massive wave of new and innovative applications for both consumers and businesses.”

    T-Mobile, the lead 5G launch partner for Snapdragon Spaces in North America, is “honored” to continue working with Qualcomm and others to “advance the progress of XR with our industry-leading 5G network.”


    Daniel Hernandez, Vice President, Group Devices Unit and Consumer Internet of Things (IoT), Telefonica, said:At the event, he explained that his company launched a multi-year XR collaboration with Qualcom in September.

    The initiative has developed strong collaboration through Spaces, leading to industry-wide adoption of an open and interoperable ecosystem, he said.

    Furthermore, he added:

    “We have made great strides during this period within our Open Innovation Program, 42 Academy and the XR Experience Center.”

    He concluded that the telecommunications giant looks forward to “collectively accelerating the development of the XR ecosystem” in the future. In doing so, based on a strategic program, Telefonica will leverage his 5G and cloud computing infrastructure to “bring consumers the best of his Xr hardware and services, [business-to-business] customers, he added.

    Qualcomm at MWC 2023

    The news comes after XR Today spoke with Brian Vogelsang, AR Product Lead at Qualcomm, as a bystander at the Immerse Global Summit (IGS) 2022 Miami.

    At the event, executives explored the latest in Qualcomm’s latest platform, the Snapdragon AR2. The Snapdragon AR2 aims to continue the trend of being at the forefront of the immersive component industry.

    Both the XR2 and AR2 platforms aim to foster better solutions, innovations and devices. The latter platform features Qualcomm’s triple-chip configuration with an AR processor, co-processor, and connectivity unit.

    At the time, he said that AR2 was the first-generation solution for processors to globally incubate AR solutions. This will allow the developer to use his AR smart glasses with a “comfortable form factor” for a long time.

    he explained,

    “Previously, we were building XR processors for VR and AR, but through our engineering efforts and researching market demand, we realized we needed dedicated processing and spent several years working on the technology. The platform includes multiple processing chips and we believe it will power both enterprise and consumer AR smart glasses with a form factor that can achieve mass adoption.”

    In addition, working with Qualcomm led to several partnerships last year, including Japan’s Square Enix and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics.

    Mobile World Congress 2023 will being done It will take place from February 27th to March 2nd at Barcelona’s famous Fira Gran Via venue.

    Organized by the Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA), this trendsetter conference is one of the world’s premier gatherings for the industry’s latest innovations for global technology leaders, professionals and enterprises.


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