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    The glasses are equipped with AI features such as image recognition, text translation, snapshots, and video recording.

    (Webdesk) – Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are finally coming with AI features like image recognition and text translation, making them more than just wearable cameras.

    Features like this played a big role in the pitch for the original Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses from 2021.

    The device's 5-megapixel camera and built-in microphone combine to instantly take photos and record videos. But while his original Ray-Ban story was useful, it was far from smart.

    Meta may currently be best known for staking farms in the “Metaverse” using virtual reality and augmented reality headsets like the Meta Quest 3, but these devices are actually It is not something that users can wear all day.

    2nd generation Ray-Ban meta smart glasses.

    Currently only available to a small number of users in the U.S. who have opted in to the “Early Access Program,” users of the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses will be able to summon the Meta AI to assist them with various tasks.

    In recent Instagram posts, Mark Zuckerberg asked Meta AI to recommend pants to pair with a striped shirt, and asked AI to translate the text of a meme in a foreign language into English. and demonstrated the new features of the glasses.

    The only input he needed to make besides the prompt was to point his glasses at the shirt and the meme.

    In an update to a Dec. 6 blog post about Meta's AI efforts, the company also announced that its Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses can be used to suggest captions for photos or simply identify objects in your hand. I am proposing it.

    CNET's Scott Stein recently demonstrated the new feature at Meta's New York office, which uses smart glasses to recommend tea bags that are more likely to be caffeine-free from a small selection of tea bags.

    Unlike the smart glasses worn by fictional movie characters such as Tony Stark, which constantly analyze the wearer's surroundings, the smart features added to Ray-Ban's Metaglasses allow the user to say, “Hey, Metaglasses.'' ” will only work when you say.

    The glasses also need to first take pictures of objects and signs before Meta AI can process them and provide an audio response.

    The system isn't JARVIS yet (Stark's smart assistant), but the Ray-Ban Meta Glasses finally seem to live up to their smart claims.

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