Ready Player One creator debuts ‘Open,’ a metaverse battle royale experience

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    At the beginning of this year, ladybirth studio — Co-founded by blockchain technology company Futureverse and Ernest Cline, the man behind the science fiction series “Ready Player One” — announced “The Readyverse” is an interactive platform for Metaverse games and experiences. Readyverse Studios has partnered with Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) to help bring the popular novel to his Metaverse on Web3. WBD distributed his 2018 film adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg.

    Today, the studio introduced the first project coming soon to The Readyverse.

    “Open” is a third-person battle royale experience in which players compete against each other in a game show-style multi-round cooperative mode using a variety of game techniques such as shooting, tactical positioning, and driving. Readyverse Studios Founder Debuts at His Open trailer Today is during the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival.

    Of course, the new experience includes a “Ready Player One” biome where players can explore the environment, obtain novel-inspired skins, and compete with each other. In addition, Open also features other biomes featuring recognizable characters from iconic IPs. In the trailer, viewers see Ready Player One protagonist Wade Watts (aka Parzival) walking past nostalgic items such as a DeLorean car, vintage televisions, and video game consoles.

    For those unfamiliar with Klein's work, Ready Player One is set in 2045, when Earth is on the brink of collapse. The majority of humanity uses virtual reality simulations called OASIS as a spiritual escape. When the creator of the simulation dies, a message will be sent to the user that the first person to discover his Digital Easter Egg will take ownership of his OASIS. Watts, a teenage orphan and avid player, enters the contest and faces off against evil corporate employees working for a greedy CEO who wants to take control of the OASIS and monetize it with intrusive online advertising.

    According to Readyverse Studios, Open is “the first AAA high-quality metaverse experience that is interoperable with AAA IP powered by Web3 technology” and its name is “an asset interoperability, digital ownership, decentralization, It is named after the principles The Readyverse leverages, such as “Security.” Much of that technology is thanks to his Futureverse, a platform for his 11 companies, including game studios and blockchain startups.

    Open was also developed by Walker Labs, a developer of video games and next-generation web technologies. Walker Labs has released an open-world multiplayer shooter and adventure game. walker world In 2022.

    Open is currently being developed for PC. Interested players can sign up Early access starts today.


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