Redbrick Inc. reaches Asian metaverse market with Alibaba Cloud

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    Redbrick’s metaverse services and content creation tools are provided using: alibaba cloud

    Redbrick and Alibaba to develop Web 3.0 infrastructure Co-promote the metaverse service

    Red Brick will discuss business cooperation with several Southeast Asian countries, including: Indonesia

    Seoul, South Korea, July 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Metaverse creation platform Redbrick Inc. (CEO) Yang Young Mo) and Redbrick announced on July 5 that they had signed an MOU on Web 3.0-based metaverse business cooperation. alibaba cloud, A core cloud service company based on Alibaba Group’s digital technology. Redbrick scales the metaverse creator economy market to Asiaincluding Southeast Asian countries, Japan, China and so on.

    Redbrick is actively trying to enter the Asian metaverse market based on cooperation with. alibaba cloud We have a solid foundation of B2B and B2C business. Asia.use of Alibaba Cloud With its efficient, secure, and highly scalable infrastructure, Redbrick can provide software creation tools that facilitate the development of 2D and 3D games and metaverse content, as well as the platform on which such content is shared. increase. alibaba cloud is one of the top IaaS providers with the largest market share in the world. Asia Pacific According to Gartner data, this region has the most regional data centers. Southeast Asia Among global public cloud service providers.

    In addition, Red Brick and alibaba cloud will jointly promote a SaaS-based metaverse service. Southeast Asia. Redbrick is currently in discussions with multiple companies for Metaverse business cooperation. Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and so on.

    CEO of Red Brick Yang Youngmo said,”Southeast Asia include Singapore is one of the regions with the highest interest in the Metaverse in the world.”, “Expansion of the creator economy market size is the foundation for high-quality content production, which is why we are trying to achieve our goal. ” Actively develop the global market, Asia”.

    Unique Song, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Regional General Manager in South Korea, said: JapanSaid, “alibaba cloud “Our company has strengths in technology related to the Metaverse and Web 3.0,” he said, “and will serve as a bridge for excellent domestic companies like Redbrick to reach the global market.”

    Source: Redbrick Inc.


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