Reddit’s Crypto Communities Go Dark In Support of Protest Against API Changes

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    If you can’t find your favorite cryptocurrency subreddit on Monday, don’t worry. Probably not shadowbanned.

    A significant portion of the cryptocurrency online community is participating in so-called “reddit blackouts” today, with moderators temporarily closing stores for at least 48 hours to protest upcoming changes at the social media giant. ing.

    Reddit’s plans for API price changes It could reportedly harm multiple app developers. Crypto-focused subreddits such as r/cryptocurrency, r/bitcoin and r/ethereum will either go private or go read-only, along with nearly 7,000 other communities participating in the blackout. . Verge.

    Notably, subreddits focused on crypto skepticism, such as r/buttcoin, also remained silent. However, those more embracing digital assets such as r/altcoin, r/NFT and r/dogecoin remained fully online.

    billing address i love doge Rated as “The Greatest Place on Reddit” and ranked within the top 1% by size of the website subreddit, at the time of this writing, about 4,700 members still have r/dogecoin at their disposal. I was browsing (“moon viewing” as the community calls it). “

    Reddit itself also experienced stability issues on Monday, according to Reddit. status page, identified and resolved an issue described as a “content loading issue”. Downdetector, a website that monitors online outages, also saw a spike. spike The number of issues reported on Reddit reached about 43,000 this morning.

    W.Did other crypto-minded Reddit folks go here? No doubt some swiped to Twitter seeking refuge under the wings of Elon Musk’s distressed bird app .the company was watching Fall in ad sales experienced technical problems attention-grabbing momentsis still home to many digital asset enthusiasts.

    The endless stream of crypto-related content that has appeared on Twitter over the years has earned it the nickname Crypto Twitter. And it seems that not all Reddit users were on the same page when it came to today’s blackout. rebellion on Twitter.

    “Am I crazy, guys?” Mutiny pondered. “I can’t find r/bitcoin or r/cryptocurrencies. The only reason I care about Reddit.”

    Guys, am I crazy? I can’t find r/bitcoin nor r/cryptocurrency. The only reason I care about Reddit.#bitcoin

    — Mutiny (@MUTINYMONEY) June 12, 2023

    It’s possible that Reddit’s cryptocurrency community found solace in the media feeds of decentralized Twitter alternatives like Bluesky and Nostr.The platform has gained some traction thanks to influential technologists like the co-founder of Twitter and the CEO of Block, Inc. Jack Dorsey.

    “The slow demise of Twitter and the collapse of Reddit shouldn’t really bother me,” said Bluesky’s Meggie Z. account. “Still we are here.”

    Some online groups have prepared contingencies for Reddit’s suspension in the past, such as r/WallStreetBets, a digital domain for traders that popularized the YOLO mindset in stock trading. For those of you who were in the memestockmania craze years ago, you may remember PSY’s music video for “”.gangnam styleYouTube’s “” is essentially a community Reddit lifeboat.

    r/WallStreetBets was one of the subreddits that opened on Monday, but comments related to Gamestop and HODLing trickled in during the hours that overlapped with the outages reported earlier in the day.

    “Reddit down?” asked a user named WindsorDrew.

    While Twitter and Reddit are undoubtedly great places for people to engage in commenting on everyday social issues, social messaging platform Discord has become a popular hub for cryptocurrency-interested projects and NFT projects. It is

    For example, the Discord server r/CryptoCurrency has over 38,000 members. When asked if anyone was among the servers during Reddit’s blackout, Decryption I have received some responses.

    “I don’t even read Reddit,” said a user named Moareth. “What is Reddit?” asked another account named Nadf.

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