Reebok Enters Metaverse with Futureverse, Launching ‘Reebok Impact’ Digital Fashion

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    Reebok has partnered with Futureverse to revolutionize fashion by bringing wearables to the Metaverse. American footwear and clothing brands have become the latest brands to jump into the virtual space for engagement.

    In its move to enter the metaverse, Reebok follows in the footsteps of Adidas, Nike, and Puma, which have created their own space in the digital world. XR Today The company reported that it will turn to the Metaverse to provide more opportunities for customers to interact and learn more about its product lineup, from footwear to a variety of apparel.

    Reebok's official launch into the Metaverse

    In partnership with Futureverse, your adventure into the digital world begins. Reebok also stated that this is just the beginning of a long-term collaboration. The companies plan to take next steps to deepen their partnership by introducing more features, expanding experiences, adding new integrations and other activities.

    Next year, the shoe company plans to kickstart its Metaverse business with the premiere of “Reebok Impact.” This is the company's digital footwear and fashion experience that aims to develop digital experiences that “touch hearts and minds” for customers.

    Banking on blockchain to strengthen market presence

    Reebok will leverage Metaverse's broad reach to bring its brands to more consumers and markets. Futureverse also plans to use AI and other blockchain-based technologies to increase customer interactions with Reebok's apparel products in 2024, expanding its presence and making it as impactful as it is in the real world. We are working on making it possible. NFTP Plaza.

    “Reebok is deeply rooted in consumer trends and innovative technology,” said Todd Krinsky, CEO of Reebok. “I support the principle of stepping out into the world.” press release. “At the heart of our brand is our vibrant community and our efforts to weave their unique stories into the fabric of our products.”

    Additionally, “With our partnership with Futureverse and the upcoming launch of Reebok Impact, we are moving beyond the boundaries of traditional innovation to engage consumers in the digital evolution of our products in ways that redefine the realm of possibility.” You can,” he added.

    Photo provided by: Futureverse Press Release


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