Rigorous Scrutiny for Metaverse Platforms

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    The UK’s Online Safety Bill is currently on the verge of becoming law and is expected to put Metaverse platforms under scrutiny. This landmark legislation has been hailed as the strongest child protection legislation in a generation and aims to keep children safe online.

    The Metaverse platform will be subject to intense scrutiny, with severe penalties for violations, especially regarding illegal content.

    The bill mandates prompt action against illegal content and holds social media platforms accountable for the content they host. Failure to do so could result in billions of pounds in fines and jail terms for company executives.these regulations It also extends to the Metaverse.

    An important aspect of this bill is the implementation of age verification measures. The move aims to prevent children from accessing harmful or age-inappropriate content.

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    Platforms will also be required to publish transparent risk assessments highlighting the potential dangers children may encounter.

    “The Online Safety Bill is a game-changing bill,” said Michelle Donnellan, the technology secretary. She continued:

    “Our common sense approach will deliver a better future for the British people by making what is illegal offline illegal online.”

    Most parents say they are concerned about their children’s internet habits. sauce: safewise

    Increased popularity means increased attention

    The bill’s passage comes at a time when the Metaverse is under scrutiny from global regulators. EU Commissioner Yvo Volman recently highlighted the need for Metaverse regulations to prevent discrimination and protect user privacy.

    Underscoring the EU’s focus on user safety in the Metaverse, Volman said:

    “We need to get it right the first time.”

    With its zero-tolerance approach to protecting children, the Online Safety Bill is an important step forward in the quest to make the internet a safer space. As the Metaverse continues to evolve, this law serves as an important reminder that the safety of users, especially children, must remain a top priority.

    NSPCC Chief Executive Sir Peter Wanless said:

    “Technology companies now have an opportunity to embrace safe design.”


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