RIOT Games Implements New Eligibility Rule

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    Riot has begun implementing strict eligibility rules for college esports, and the new rules will limit college players to five years.

    Some schools have developed electronic sports (esports) programs while following the traditional sports path. In addition, the university is building an esports arena and recruiting talent from around the world to compete at the school.

    Robert Morris University launched national team esports In addition, the University of Chicago launched League of Legends and recruited the best young talent at the time. Esports scholarships have been on the rise since 2019, when nearly 200 schools were awarded $15 million in scholarships.

    Riot Eligibility Policy

    Strict eligibility rules for collegiate esports are beginning to be implemented by Riot, with the new rules limiting the eligibility period for college players to five years. Previously, everyone played, regardless of how many years they played. This will severely limit current and future freshman classes who plan to play through their master's degree.

    According to the new rules, players cannot compete in Riot College Esports for more than five years in total. Tracking of this policy will begin in his 2023-2024 school year. Seasons prior to this academic year do not count toward this policy. If he participates in more than one Riot/RSSA contest in a year, he will only be counted as one year under this policy.

    X users responded

    However, X (formerly Twitter) users have had mixed reactions to the new eligibility rules.colin graham tweeted I think this is a big and good move for the university. He went on to say that this will put even more pressure on players to graduate, emphasizing that the university's primary goal is education. He called the new eligibility rules a big win for Riot.Colin on graduate students wanting to compete answered He believes there is always room for exceptions, but this will allow students to complete at least one academic year or the entire department. He thinks it's worth it to take a hit and keep players out for seven or eight years.

    Another X user, Byron Hinson Jr. share his concerns. According to him, more and more master's students are joining the team every year. Although most are not hired, they are students who have been enrolled at ODU since their first year. He further said that these master's degree students would be excluded. He said master's students should be encouraged and are entitled to the same access as younger students. Others are opposing opinion, Like they said you can become a coach or an assistant coach after you get your first degree.

    Furthermore, the microphone Said This could be a way to turn lemons into lemonade at school. He said her sixth-grade students at the second-degree school should use last year's performance to improve their programs to the best of their ability. He said students can use the skills they gain through class to improve their programs before they leave.

    Riot Games has aimed to change the landscape of video games and how they are developed. This has been made possible by the expansion of gaming into entertainment. “100 Best Companies to Work For,'' “25 Best Companies to Work for in Technology,'' “100 Best Companies to Work for Millennials,'' and “50 Best Flexible Workplaces,'' by Riot. This is part of a long list featuring.


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