Riyadh to Host “MetaGate International Metaverse Summit” in September 2024

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    Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, December 10, 2023: Saudi Arabia, at the forefront of advances in the digital landscape, is theMetaGate – International Metaverse Summit” in Riyadh from September 10-12, 2024. The summit underscores Saudi Arabia's dedication to deploying emerging technologies and driving digital transformation in line with Vision 2030.

    Strengthen global collaboration: MetaGate Summit brings together international technology experts, digital world builders, entrepreneurs, investors, and institutional leaders, as well as local businesses, government agencies, professional organizations, and business leaders. The aim is to enable the effective use of cutting-edge Metaverse technology, provide a sustainable platform for collaboration and support, and ultimately attract global investment to the Kingdom.

    comprehensive showcase: The summit will showcase the latest Metaverse technologies and interactive experiences in specialized exhibits, providing insight into future technologies, innovations, services, and advances in the field. The exhibition promotes partnerships, exclusive offers and interaction with experts and professionals.

    Insightful conference: The Summit's agenda includes a high-level meeting to address opportunities and define necessary developments related to the true value of the Metaverse and its role in industrial growth. Key areas of focus include digital twinning, blockchain, and artificial intelligence as transformers of industrial economics and daily operations, creating more efficient processes.

    Startup Spotlight: As part of the “MetaGate Summit”, the Startup Competition will give unique opportunities to emerging developers and innovators. Leading local and international experts evaluate projects and provide opportunities to secure local and global funding, contributing to added value for these companies.

    sustainable virtual presence: In line with sustainability, Metagate will also be held on an interactive platform in the Metaverse world, serving as a parallel virtual event to the Summit. This is a model for organizing events in this dynamically integrated world.

    Cooperation system: MetaGate Summit works dynamically with esteemed association partners, each contributing uniquely to the Summit's story.according to “VR/AR Association (VRARA)”MetaGate is an international association that fosters collaboration in virtual and augmented reality and aims to leverage cutting-edge innovation. visionaryMetaverse Fashion Council (MFC)” injects creativity and artificial intelligence into the fashion world, adding a unique dimension.Partnering with forward-thinking companiesWorld Metaverse Council (WMC)”, Metagate emphasizes its commitment to building a fair, inclusive, and integrated world. This customized collaboration sets MetaGate Summit apart as a pioneering event, allowing us to offer diverse experiences at the intersection of technology and integrated worldbuilding.

    organized excellence: The MetaGate Summit is hosted by EUMENA ​​Events, a leading UK event organizer specializing in large-scale exhibition planning for innovative summits, in partnership with Etisal, a Saudi media solutions and marketing innovation company. , brings together its excellence and experience. This partnership ensures the delivery of an unparalleled event that redefines industry standards.

    Future Metaverse Hub: This summit is noteworthy for the future of the Metaverse, especially in Saudi Arabia, known as one of the strongest markets in the world. Saudi Arabia's ambitious goals, with the vision of achieving 1 billion interactions with Expo 2030 experiences through the Metaverse, position this summit as the nucleus to launch towards the realization of these aspirations.

    If you'd like to join and learn more, please register your interest below.


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