Roblox and its Generative AI: How Game Creation, and the Metaverse, May Be Changing

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    The world’s largest metaverse could undoubtedly be Roblox. The platform my kids play on almost every day is a continuous playground of ever-evolving experiences in a vast marketplace. It will also be the space where generative AI emerges.roblox released Two new AI tools both for creators roblox studio: A coding tool that allows anyone to generate code on the fly with conversational AI. How to create material design by just describing what you need.

    I’ve seen demos of the new Roblox tools and they are very similar to generative AI tools like Midjourney and DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT as you can already microsoft and Google We have extended these tools to other locations. For Roblox, however, these tools are focused on specific uses. Both tools are currently isolated from each other and trained differently.

    Beyond conversational AI and rapidly evolving art tools, I am most fascinated by the ways in which AI is becoming the co-pilot of coding. I don’t know how to code and I’ve often found game creation tools, even ones like Sony’s. dreams On PlayStation, it’s intimidating. It looks like this new wave of AI is turning into coding assistants… I wouldn’t call them complete coding tools. We’ve had a lot of discussions. But more than any other feature, it looks like a quick way to enable complex creation.

    Stefano Corazza, former vice president of Adobe’s augmented reality division and now head of Roblox Studio, said Roblox’s new AI features “are aimed at people who know how to code, and we want them to I want to be more productive,” he said. But another initiative is also on the horizon for totally creative newcomers.

    “We also have a parallel effort to help people who are completely new to coding,” says Corazza. “But if you’re targeting people who are completely new to coding, you might want a different type of interface, like ChatGPT. Write, so I think we need to think of an approach where the goal is to learn rather than write a lot of code.”

    I’m curious to see when these tools will appear in the daily Roblox app. Now there are already developers hooking ChatGPT into Roblox, but Roblox will eventually become part of these creative tools. We aim to bring it out of the Studio.

    “I think generative AI is very easy to onboard across the game development space, where people are like, ‘Hey, I need something that gives me something like absolute truth. Not very sophisticated, right? It’s a more iterative process,” says Corrazza.

    Is Roblox preparing its platform for more spontaneous world generation?


    One day, players may be able to use these generative AI tools within Roblox. And with that potential comes concerns about parental guidance.

    “In the future, this will be a superpower for players, so we need to implement more real-time moderation. It also needs to be age-appropriate, but also context-appropriate. Anything you might talk about is not OK in public places or during concerts on Roblox, for example.We think it’s going to be a big problem in the future, so we’re trying to develop a more contextual type of moderation. is.

    We’re focused on coding and creating for now, but then you’ll get to see how these swift AI assistants generate environments for the metaverse environment on-the-fly. The “build it and they’ll come” mentality behind massive social VR worlds like Meta horizon world and AltSpace VR not working Will more instant AI-driven summons be the way the future of AR and VR feels like an instant holodeck?

    “I think what we’ve seen is a shift where a lot of strictly technical skills are being carried over to AI, giving creators more control,” says Corazza. “We enable more people to express their ideas in the metaverse.”

    Corazza mentions Roblox’s own metaverse and its hundreds of millions of users as an example. “Until now, the scale of content we needed wasn’t met,” Corazza said of his Metaverse platform. “There are very few companies in the world that can actually do that. Lower the barrier so that anyone can say, ‘I’m building San Francisco, it’s raining at sunset,’ and they can create a city.” It’s going to be, voila, I can see the city.” In front of us, the cost of creation will be very low and people will be able to start and experiment with really fun things. “

    Roblox isn’t actively working on VR and AR yet, but Corazza said the company is exploring different kinds of platforms. But it’s clear that these first steps of generative AI in his 3D world will have big implications for the metaverse, VR, and AR.

    “VR has always been hungry for content, right? You made a great game, and it was like, ‘Okay, try to make an experience. There was a very strong inflection point for user-generated content. Then at the second inflection point we’re seeing with generative AI, the amount of content will be even orders of magnitude more available. It is possible,” adds Corazza. “Even things like VR and AR will thrive and it’s going to be like a second wave because now people can do things in those worlds and it can be a lot faster. I think it’s going to be a big game changer.”

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