Roblox to Launch Immersive Video-Chat Feature in Metaverse Expansion

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    User-generated video game platform Roblox will introduce Roblox Connect, an immersive video chat feature, in November. This new feature allows users to have a one-on-one video chat with him via his 3D animated avatar in virtual space. We use facial tracking technology to mimic facial expressions and movements to enhance your in-platform communication experience. The goal is to get users to spend more time on Roblox even when they’re not actively playing the game, increasing engagement and advertising opportunities.

    This new feature is seen as a direct challenge to Meta’s vision for the Metaverse, with Roblox already positioning itself as an accessible platform for delivering Metaverse-like experiences. Roblox and Meta have partnered to bring Roblox to the Meta Quest headset. Roblox plans to extend its availability to Sony PlayStation in the near future.

    Roblox has grown tremendously over the last few years, with over 65 million daily active users and 14 billion hours of “engaged time” on the app. Roblox was initially aimed at a younger audience, but the platform has seen an increase in older users, especially in the 17-24 age group. Noting this demographic shift, Roblox has launched a category of games he designed specifically for users 17 and older, allowing for more graphics and adult themes in his content. The introduction of Roblox Connect is part of his Roblox strategy to leverage its growing user base and drive revenue through increased bookings and virtual goods purchases.

    However, the introduction of real-time video chat also raises concerns about content control and potential abuse. Roblox has previously been criticized for its content moderation practices, and the addition of video chat could pose new challenges in ensuring a safe environment for its users.

    Source: WIRED


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