Roku launches an affordable new smart home security system

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    The DIY trend in home security extends to Roku. RokuHome Watching System SE. a Roku Smart Light Strip+ SE and solar panel We share the spotlight as other new products debuting for the Roku Smart Home line.

    Created in partnership with Wyze Labs, the five-piece security system is reasonably priced at $99 and includes two entry sensors, a motion sensor, a hub with a built-in siren, and a keypad to disarm it. is included.

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    The Roku Smart Home also adds to the market today the Roku Smart Light Strip+ SE and a Roku solar panel to power the Roku Outdoor Camera SE. The new light strip has 16 segments that can display different colors at once and works seamlessly with the integration with the Roku Smart Home app. They are 16 and 32 feet long and are $35 and $50 respectively.

    Roku Smart Home Monitoring Keypad

    The keypad can be used to activate and deactivate the alarm system.


    With this new security system, Roku, known for its streaming devices and smart TVs, has created an easy-to-install home security system that requires no tools or drilling. service.

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    The Noonlight-powered Roku security system subscription service offers professional monitoring and 24/7 emergency assistance for $9.99/month or $99.99/year, or $50 for the first year with an annual subscription. % discount.

    This latest launch comes as part of the Roku Smart Home line, a range of budget-friendly smart home products launching in Fall 2022.

    Roku Smart Home OS Integration - Bright Colors


    Roku Smart Home Vice President Mark Robins said the kit is an easy-to-use system that provides users with the peace of mind they need. “We are proud to further expand Roku’s smart home lineup with an affordable and simple way to keep every home safe,” he added.

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    These new smart home devices seem to be filling what can be considered the Roku smart home ecosystem. roku tv Users can see alerts from their alarm system on their TV or camera feed, and control the rest of their Roku smart home devices. smart light.

    New products are Roku Exclusive sales are also planned. walmart After May 15th.


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