Ronaldinho Could Be Detained on Ties to a Pyramid Scheme

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    Football legend Ronaldinho Gaucho’s focus is not on his football skills, but on his alleged involvement in a cryptocurrency fraud investigation.

    According to recent information, report, the Brazilian superstar has been involved in a cryptocurrency pyramid scheme through his company, leading to potential legal repercussions. Ronaldinho failed to appear before Brazil’s parliament despite being summoned, further fueling concerns about the company’s management.

    ignoring requests to testify

    Ronaldinho Gaucho, once hailed as one of the world’s best footballers, now faces a different kind of challenge. The star, who has played for big-name clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona and AC Milan, has been called to testify about allegations surrounding his company, 18k Ronaldinho. The company is under scrutiny for allegedly promising customers more than 2% in profits every day. Cryptocurrency This claim has raised some eyebrows in the financial industry.

    But in a more suspicious move, Ronaldinho cited bad weather as the reason for his absence from the parliamentary hearings. It is the second time the football icon has evaded a subpoena, sparking speculation about possible detention by law enforcement.

    Thorough investigation of pyramid scheme suspicions

    Ronaldinho’s company’s biggest concern is “18k ronaldinho‘ is its business model that promises exceptionally high and rapid returns. The firm claims to focus on cryptocurrency trading and arbitrage trading, but its promise to offer its clients 2% profit per day is a wake-up call. Such business models with unrealistic promises are reportedly a typical feature of pyramid schemes, using new investors’ capital to sell to previous investors rather than from profits earned. profit is paid.

    Adding to the skepticism, Brazil’s public prosecutor’s office has also put the company in the spotlight. suggest It may be a financial pyramid scheme. Moreover, Ronaldinho’s great influence and credibility in the sport means that his endorsement could persuade countless individuals to invest in this venture, resulting in significant financial loss for many. To do.

    Additional investigation into Ronaldinho officials

    Attention is not limited to Ronaldinho. His younger brother, Roberto de Assis Moreira, better known as ‘Assis’, is also reportedly involved in the controversy. Unlike Ronaldinho, Assis appeared before the commission, albeit with legal representation. However, the session was not without its challenges. Ms Assis’ lawyers repeatedly intervened during her interrogations, increasing frustration among MPs. Some lawmakers even called for a temporary adjournment of the meeting because of these interruptions, but their petitions were denied.

    Investigations continue, but the possible impact on Ronaldinho and his allies remains unclear. But repeated evasions and growing suspicion have certainly put the football legend’s reputation in jeopardy.

    For many, Ronaldinho Gaucho is synonymous with football’s brilliance. His skill and memorable goals have earned him status as one of the greats of the sport. But this recent controversy is a reminder that fame in one field doesn’t necessarily translate to success in another. If the allegations prove to be true, it could be a major setback for the football legend. Fans and investors await the outcome of the investigation, but all can only hope for clarity and justice.


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