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    BUCHAREST, ROMANIA / ACCESSWIRE / 15 June 2023 / The RWI Token Project is an ambitious effort aimed at bridging the gap between the real world and the Metaverse. The project aims to create a global presence by building uniquely themed smart villages and cities in major cities around the world, with the vision of deploying large-scale investments in both areas. I am aiming for These real-world developments have exact replicas within the metaverse, providing an immersive and interconnected experience.

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    The RWI Token team is committed to bringing these real-life projects and their reflections into the Metaverse, ensuring maximum benefits for all RWI Token holders. Through property acquisition in the metaverse, individuals acquire ownership of corresponding real-world properties that reflect their specifications, such as apartments and houses. This creates rental income and passive income opportunities. RWI Token SRL provides asset management services on request to streamline the management process.

    In addition, the project will introduce fractional ownership, allowing multiple individuals to collectively own a share of the property. This innovative approach expands access to real estate investments and enables more people to generate passive income in the real world. RWI Token SRL will extend management services to these sub-assets to ensure smooth operations.

    By merging the virtual and physical realms, the RWI Token Project will open up new frontiers of possibilities for investors, providing a seamless and interconnected ecosystem. Through project efforts, participants will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds, unlocking investment potential in the metaverse and the real world while maximizing the returns for RWI token holders.

    RWI NFTs and Tokens

    The RWI Token Project introduces a unique token and NFT system that connects the real world and the Metaverse. With a global reach and a goal of building thematically designed smart villages and cities in major cities around the world, the project offers a crossover experience that connects physical investments with their digital reflections. .

    As part of the RWI Token team’s commitment to the real world development project and reflection of its metaverse, this project aims to maximize loyalty for the benefit of all RWI token holders. In the Metaverse, individuals have the opportunity to purchase real estate that is mirrored one-for-one in the real world. For example, acquiring real estate in the Metaverse grants ownership of an equivalent real-world apartment or house with specifications. This ownership allows for the option of renting out the property to generate passive income. RWI Token SRL provides on-demand management services for these properties.

    Additionally, the project will introduce fractional ownership, allowing multiple individuals to jointly own an apartment, chalet, or part of a house. This fractional ownership model expands access to real estate investments and allows more people to generate passive income in the real world. The RWI Token SRL will provide management services for these fractional properties upon request.

    To ensure transparency and accountability, the RWI Token Project will provide comprehensive information to token holders. Each land acquisition and deed will be translated into English and published on the website. This will give token holders full visibility and the ability to choose from a variety of development projects related to the acquired land and its metaverse reflection. In addition, the website will now have access to real-time video cameras, giving a live view of construction progress in the real world.

    By providing these features and maintaining transparency, the RWI Token Project aims to give token holders control over their purchases and instill confidence in the execution of the project. This project strives to deliver on that promise, building a seamless integration between the real world and the Metaverse, offering unique opportunities for investment and growth.

    RWI’s mission and vision

    The RWI token project aims to develop large-scale projects in the metaverse and the real world over the next 6-8 years. These projects include building smart cities with different types of apartments and luxury penthouses, each with a one-to-one reflection in the metaverse. The smart city will also have outlet spaces and food courts for rental or sale.

    Smart city tenants need to conduct activities within the virtual realm to ensure the vitality of the metaverse. This symbiotic relationship creates lucrative opportunities for all participants, especially token holders. The profits received will be proportional to the percentage of RWI tokens owned, including profits from the sale of Metaverse properties, rental income, NFT value appreciation, and involvement in the project’s related games.

    Participants can enjoy these benefits without risking their coins or participating in volatile transactions. Simply holding RWI tokens in your wallet grants access to these opportunities.

    The Venice Istanbul Outlet example serves as a conceptual illustration. The project aims to establish a thriving ecosystem that seamlessly integrates the Metaverse and the real world, resulting in unprecedented growth and prosperity.

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