Sabre and Tian Xia Fang Cang work together for future Chinese hospitality sector recovery

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    Hospitality provider Tian Xia Fang Cang will sell Saber Hospitality’s solutions in China and focus on the company’s global distribution system.

    Southlake, Texas – Saber Corporationis a leading software and technology provider powering the global travel industry, Tian Xia Huang Chang Create new opportunities for recovery and revenue growth in the Chinese hospitality market.

    This new relationship combines Saber’s advanced technology with Tian Xia Fang Cang’s deep knowledge of China’s unique travel ecosystem. The deal gives Tian Xia Fang Cang the ability to sell Saber Hospitality’s solutions in China. Focused on enabling Chinese hoteliers to reach hundreds of thousands of travel agents worldwide across all major Global Distribution Systems (GDS) through Saber Hospitality’s SynXis platform, Travel Agency Stores will also be given the opportunity to add hotel stays to travelers’ bookings.

    “With expectations of further recovery in the travel industry, it is imperative that Chinese hoteliers now take the time to capitalize on pent-up travel demand and prepare to create future growth opportunities.” CEO Tian Xia Fang Cang said: Seven Wu. “Through Saber’s advanced solutions, we are confident that Chinese hoteliers will be able to expand their reach around the world and ensure they are well positioned to welcome travelers as China reopens its borders. I am happy.”

    A SaaS-based hotel service platform, Tian Xia Fang Cang provides products and services as well as e-commerce solutions for hotel suppliers and hotel distributors. Today, we can enhance our services by offering GDS delivery to existing and new hospitality clients through Saber.

    “We are excited to start the new year with a new contract with Tian Xia Fang Cang.” Said Frank TrumpertSenior Vice President and Global Managing Director of Community Sales for Saber Hospitality. “Through this new relationship, we will expand Saber Hospitality’s footprint in China’s important travel market, while Saber’s solutions will enable Chinese hoteliers to create unique global growth opportunities in both the leisure and corporate sectors. I look forward to becoming.”

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