Sam Altman and iPhone Designer Jony Ive are Up to Something

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    Former Apple chief design officer Jony Ive and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman are reportedly exploring opportunities to develop AI hardware devices.

    It’s not clear what exactly the two are developing or what purpose the device will serve, but The Information reports that sources close to the pair say significant AI projects are underway. It was reported that this was confirmed.

    What could happen?

    Altman’s meeting with Ive, the man who shaped the iPhone “as we know it today,” could mean OpenAI is considering the possibility of developing a smartphone. There is speculation that there is.

    The two men, who have been friends for some time, have been discussing the possibilities of AI reportAltman and Ive have been discussing what hardware will look like in the AI ​​era.

    according to The Vergeit is unclear at this time whether OpenAI will develop the hardware, whether a third party will be responsible, or whether the two will decide to continue building the hardware.

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    History of collaboration

    This isn’t the first time Altman has worked with Apple staff. He worked with Ive’s former colleagues to develop new products. Ive, who left Apple in 2019 after more than 30 years at the company, hired Thomas Meyerhoffer as his first hire at Apple. Meyerhoffer designed the Orb powered by AI It developed a human eye scanner through an Altman-backed startup known as Tools for Humanity.

    It’s no surprise that Sam Altman would collaborate with Ive on this matter. Ive’s reputation precedes him.he Has worked with Apple’s co-founder Together with Steve Jobs and later Tim Cook, we created some of the world’s biggest and most beloved products, including the iMac desktop, iPhone, and Apple Watch. According to The Verge, he has consulted on several projects since leaving his Apple job.

    One of the projects he worked on included a $60,000 turntable by audio equipment company Linn. This is an addition to the King Charles 111 Astra Carta Framework logo.


    Since the launch and immediate success of ChatGPT last November, investment focus within the tech industry has shifted to generative AI as investors seek new opportunities.

    A new project is currently in the works, and The Information reports that Altman and Ive have the backing of SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son. As the head of one of the major AI investors, Son has reportedly met with the two and participated in early discussions and could become a key backer of the project.

    SoftBank has already invested $140 billion in AI over the past decade, so its involvement in this project could have major implications for the development of AI hardware.

    OpenAI works with several technology companies, including Microsoft. Its proprietary chatbot, Bing, runs on OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4. Microsoft integrates GPT technology into its products and services, such as Office 365. Recently, the tech giant introduced Microsoft Copilot. It is called “your daily companion”.


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