Samsung Galaxy smartphones are getting this new security feature

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    Image: June Wang/ZDNET

    Samsung says it is rolling out new features for its Galaxy smartphones and tablets that can protect against a new class of cyberthreats that allow attackers to hack your phone simply by sending an image.

    Attackers trigger zero-click exploits by sending messages containing images. The message doesn’t even need to be manipulated as if the attacker were trying to trick you into clicking a phishing link or downloading malware. A zero-click attack works even if you don’t actively handle your phone.

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    Zero-click attacks are designed to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities in applications that accept and process untrusted data, such as SMS and messaging services.

    If crafted correctly, zero-click attacks can run or snoop malware on your smartphone without your knowledge. In many cases, the original image is coded to delete itself so you don’t even know it was there, while hackers gain access to usernames, passwords and other sensitive personal data. It may have been possible.

    While zero-click attacks are not yet a common cybersecurity threat (attacks are largely limited to being deployed by sophisticated spyware operations), the nature of cybercriminal activity makes these attacks Any further increase means it is likely only a matter of time. Wide.

    Now Samsung says it will introduce Samsung Message Guard, a new security feature for Samsung Galaxy smartphones aimed at protecting users. Use sandboxing (a cybersecurity practice that runs, monitors, and analyzes code in a secure environment isolated from the rest of the device) to isolate files until they are checked.

    Samsung Message Guard is Samsung Galaxy S23 device, and the company says it will roll out to other Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets later this year.

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    “Simply put, Samsung Message Guard automatically neutralizes potential threats that hide in image files. You don’t have to,” Samsung said in a statement.

    “Where before you could be at risk without doing anything, now you are protected against zero-click attacks without lifting a finger,” the company added.

    The security tool currently works with the SMS applications Samsung Messages and Messages by Google, but Samsung says it aims to roll it out to third-party messaging applications in the future.


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