Saudi Arabia Launches Metaverse Platform

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    Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture has launched the world’s first national “Metaverse” platform powered by cutting-edge Generative Media Intelligence (GMI) artificial intelligence. This innovative digital realm integrates cultural richness and technological advancement, offering users a variety of activities that reflect real-life experiences, such as National Day celebrations.

    Saudi Arabia launches Metaverse platform

    The platform also features dedicated sections for music, art, history, culinary arts and crafts, as well as cultural attractions such as the History March. Additionally, it includes a performance center that streams mini-games and live events such as the Foundation Day Beginning Symphony His concert. Accessible through Mobile XR, the platform is compatible with a variety of devices and ensures inclusivity across audiences.

    The move underscores the ministry's commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, allowing millions of people to participate in Saudi culture in the metaverse, regardless of location or technology. This initiative represents a major step forward in our approach to culture and heralds a new era of participation and expression.

    In collaboration with DroppGroup and DroppPhygital and leveraging Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain technology, the initiative will operate under the banner of the Saudi Heritage Metaverse Platform, strengthening its technology infrastructure and impact potential.


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