SBI Life Insurance forays into metaverse with LifeVerse Studio

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    In today’s rapidly evolving digital environment, the next-generation Internet “Metaverse” represents a paradigm shift in how people connect, interact and experience the online world. His one of the most trusted private life insurance companies in the country, SBI Life Insurance, recently launched its first life insurance policy. “Lifeverse Studio”, on the Metaverse, to connect with the next wave of young internet users and revolutionize consumer experiences in immersive virtual worlds. The purpose behind this move is to connect, empower and engage today’s new-age consumers and reshape how brands interact. To further strengthen its efforts to empower both its employees and consumers at large, the company aims to gradually launch its presence on the metaverse, with SBI Life Insurance’s LifeVerse Studio being the first. step by step.

    Seamlessly incorporating a suite of technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and other transformative digital media, now available in the Metaverse, to power the transformational journey of consumers across industries. We will continue to innovate. The life insurance sector is no exception in this wave of innovation.

    SBI Life Insurance’s ‘LifeVerse Studio’ is designed to allow users to create avatars and connect with diverse audiences. Users can choose from a wide range of interesting avatars and showcase their creative selves on the platform through their avatars. This new initiative offers engaging content and stories featuring prominent figures such as: Ansura Kapoor, Dajoy Dutta, Anushka Rasod, Tejas JoshiIt allows users to immerse themselves in inspirational stories about these influential figures, fulfilling existing responsibilities while freeing them to fulfill their aspirations. Additionally, avatars can interact in real time, fostering a vibrant community of like-minded people.


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