Scamming activities already surrounding Meta’s Threads app

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    Threads, Meta’s new microblogging app, has already amassed over 100 million registrations in just one week after its July 5th release. However, as is often the case with popular trends, scammers waste no time capitalizing on its popularity.

    Kaspersky experts have discovered several deceptive tactics used by scammers to exploit the app’s user base. This mainly involves impersonating the Threads app to trick users into gaining unauthorized access to their accounts, personal data and even finances.

    Scammers have developed a phishing page that mimics the nonexistent web version of Threads. Users are tricked into entering their login credentials and accidentally revealing their personal information to scammers. Since Threads is linked to other meta-services, the user may also face the risk of losing access to various social media accounts such as her Instagram and Facebook. This not only raises privacy concerns such as identity theft and recording of personal information, but more worryingly, it also carries financial risks. As companies use these accounts to create advertising campaigns, personal banking information and even corporate finances can end up in the wrong hands.

    “Scammers have mastered the art of capitalizing on trending topics and underscore the importance of staying vigilant. It is a clear reminder of the risks,” said Olga Svistunova, security expert at Kaspersky Lab.

    “From deceptive schemes to data collection tactics, these crooks go to great lengths to jeopardize your personal and financial security,” he added.

    Another scam also includes: fictitious A service called Threads Coin claims to offer greater possibilities by bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, especially within the Metaverse. Users are tempted to purchase this coin using Ethereum. However, the only consequence that users will experience is financial loss.

    Another scheme offers users the opportunity to gain new followers on new social networks for free. You can choose from 10,000, 25,000, or 50,000 followers. After selecting the desired option, the user is prompted to undergo a verification process. This includes choosing her from one of the available options, such as texting her a message or winning a special prize. However, in order to receive the prize, the user may be required to make a payment. Unfortunately, users end up losing money and not receiving the promised prizes. Additionally, the scheme encourages users to share schemes through text her messages, unwittingly becoming a tool for spreading scams.

    “To protect ourselves, we must adopt a skeptical mindset, scrutinize suspicious activity, and prioritize cybersecurity measures. , so you can navigate the digital environment with confidence,” said Olga.

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