Scarlett Johansson Sues AI App for Cloning Her in an Ad

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    Scarlett Johansson is taking legal action against an AI app developer for using her name and likeness in online advertising without her consent. It comes as the conflict between AI and its human creators continues to grow.

    Johansson’s lawsuit adds to a growing number of AI-related lawsuits, many of which have focused on the use of AI models to train them to produce audio, video, and photos that resemble artists and writers. The focus was on the copyright of the content.

    Don’t take cloning lightly

    The star appeared in a 22-second ad that was discovered by her team on October 28th. The now-deleted ad, in which she promoted an app, was posted on the X Platform by an AI image creation app called Lisa AI: 90s Yearbook & Avatar.

    According to variety report, Johansson’s representative denied any relationship between the star and the app. Her attorney, Kevin Yorn, handled the case in a legal capacity.

    “We do not take these things lightly. As is normal behavior in situations like this, we intend to pursue all legal remedies to address them,” Yorn told Variety.

    The ad, reviewed by Variety, opens with a clip of the star behind the scenes of “Black Widow.”

    Star said, “What’s wrong? I’m Scarlett and I want you to come with me.”

    A graphic then covers her mouth and the scene transitions to a slideshow of AI-generated images resembling her, followed by the star’s fake voice promoting the app.

    “It’s not just limited to avatars. You can also create images with text and AI videos. I don’t think you should miss it,” said a voice that sounded like a movie star.

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    has nothing to do with her

    As reported by Variety, the makers of Lisa App-Covert Software added the following disclaimer to their advertisements: “Image was generated by Lisa AI. It has no relation to this person.”

    It’s unclear how long the ads were on the platform before being flagged and permanently removed. However, the app is still available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

    According to , users can upload their own images and turn them into avatars. tom’s guide.

    But the proliferation of such AI applications that allow people to generate audio, video, and visual content has come at a cost, and they have faced criticism for infringing on privacy and copyright issues.

    Legal expert Omar Ochoa, founder of the Omar Ochoa Law Firm, said the court would likely uphold Johansson’s established rights.

    “In this case, the AI ​​app was clearly trying to replicate her likeness, and this was an advertisement aimed at gaining customers and users, so Johansson was clearly attempting to reproduce her likeness for unauthorized commercial use.” It shouldn’t be difficult to prove that they were involved in exploitation,” he told Tom’s Guide.

    This is also because California has strict rules regarding privacy rights, especially the unauthorized use of voice, name, photo, or likeness for advertising purposes.

    common phenomenon

    johansson not the first Artists could run into friction with AI that copies their likeness without their consent. In September, another movie star, Tom Hanks, took to social media to warn fans about a dental ad featuring an AI version of himself.

    The advertisement was produced without his consent; Two-time Academy Award winner The actor posted on his Instagram handle.

    “Watch out!! There’s a video promoting an AI version of my dental plan. I have nothing to do with it,” he wrote.

    In another case, comedian Sarah Silverman also filed a lawsuit. ChatGPT makers OpenAI and Meta also sued for copyright infringement, claiming they used their work to train AI models without artists’ consent.

    actor tom cruise It also expressed concerns about potential AI threats, particularly during SAG-AFTRA’s negotiations with Hollywood studios before the union went on strike over the use of AI in the film industry, particularly the reproduction of artist’s likenesses.


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