Second Annual M100 Awards Reflect Commitments to Innovation and Advancements

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    The 2023 awards, sponsored by The Metaverse Spectrum, celebrate excellence in immersive media, artificial intelligence and other fields

    Pompano Beach, Fla., Dec. 12, 2023 (Globe Newswire) — Metaverse Spectrum is the winner of the 2nd Annual M100 Awards, which recognize excellence in AI, Metaverse, AR, VR, Spatial Computing, and Web3 technologies. We are pleased to announce that. These prestigious awards, presented as part of the Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference and PitchFest 2023, celebrate outstanding products and services that exemplify innovation, unique capabilities, and significant contributions to the advancement of technology.

    The second annual M100 Awards commemorates important milestones in the ever-evolving landscape of the Metaverse, AI, and related technologies. Remarkably, 73% of award winners go on to win again, reinforcing their lasting impact and innovation in the industry. These companies have not only maintained their position, but continue to drive progress in their respective fields. Equally noteworthy is the presence of 27% new entrants, symbolizing the dynamic nature of the industry. These diverse companies reflect the continued growth and expansion of the Metaverse and AI sectors.

    “The M100 Awards serve as a barometer of industry progress, showcasing both established leaders and promising newcomers who will shape the future of these innovative technologies,” said Metaverse Spectrum Senior Vice President and Director said executive producer Sabrina George. The remarkable achievements of these winners are shaping the future of immersive media. ”

    The 2023 M100 Award winners are:

    1. 3D Look (Private)
    2. Epic Games (Private) *
    3. Roblox Corporation (NYSE:RBLX) *
    5. Decentraland (Private) (OTC:MANA)*
    6. Nike (NYSE:NKE)*
    7. Sandbox (Private)*
    8. Yuga Labs (Private) *
    9. Snap (NYSE:SNAP)*
    10. Nori (private) *
    11. TribeXR (Private) *
    12. Big Rock Creative
    13. Ready Player Me (Private) *
    14.RLTY (Private)*
    15. VR chat (private) *
    16. Meow Wolf (Private)
    17. Linden Lab (private)*
    18. Unity (NYSE:U)*
    19. Unreal Engine (Private) *
    20. Vatom (Private)*
    21. Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) *
    22. 30 Ninjas (Private)*
    23. Adidas (DEOTC:ADSDDYY)*
    24. Animocha brand (private)
    25. Dapper Labs (Private) *
    26. Meta (NASDAQ:META) *
    27. Attachment (Private) *
    28. Zoan (Private)*
    29. Niantic Labs (Private) *
    30.ARwall(Private) *
    31. Get Real XR (Private)
    32. Beyond Universe (Private)
    33. Room (private) *
    34. Solare (Private) *
    35. Beam (Private)*
    36.HTC (TW:2498)*
    37. MootUp by Hyperspace (Private) *
    38. Metaverse Group (Private)
    39. trooVRS (private) *
    40. Virtual Influencer Agency (Private)*
    41. Wilder World (Private) *
    42. Groove Jones (Private) *
    43. Exclusive (Private)
    44. Falcons Beyond (NASDAQ:FBYD)
    45. Journey (Private)
    46. ​​Kronos Group (private)*
    47. Meetaverse (Private)
    48. Metamask (Private) *
    49. METAV.RS (Private) *
    50. MetaVRse (Private) *
    51. Miterverse (Private) *
    52. Newski XR (Private)*
    53.RFOX (Private)*
    54. Scatter (private) *
    55.Space (private)*
    56. Spider Entertainment (Private)
    57. Stardust (Private) *
    58. Beyond Metaverse (Private)
    59. Birbela (Private)
    60. In-context solution (private) *
    61. Sauber (Private) *
    62. Virtual World Museum (Private)
    63. Microsoft Mesh (NASDAQ:MSFT)
    64. WalletConnect (Private) *
    65. Rec room (private room) *
    66. Lebomon (Private) *
    67. Somnium Space (Private) *
    68. FaberCourtial (Private) *
    69. Virtual Reality Marketing (Private)*
    70. Extra Axis (Private)
    71. Jet Style: VR Ride around Scheveningen (Private)
    72.Pico (Private)*
    73.Vulcan Forged (Private)*
    74. Devar (Private)
    75. Clifford Chance (Private)*
    76. Esras (Private) *
    77. Toram (Private) *
    78. Cominted Labs (Private) *
    79. Meta Stage (Private) *
    80.VMLY&R (Private) *
    81.Novel Lab (Private)*
    82. Glimps Group (NASDAQ:VRAR) *
    83. Blipper (Private)
    84. Hello 3D World (Private)
    85. AB InBev (NYSE:BUD)
    86. Blockchain Monster Hunt (Private) *
    87. BloxBytes (Private) *
    88. Hororax (Private)
    89. DEPT (Private)
    90. Disguise (Private) *
    91. Echo 3D (Private)
    92. Utilizing the Metaverse in Higher Education (Humber College) (Private)
    93. Surreal event (private)
    94. Net Citizen (Private)
    95. Metaverse Malcolm (Private)
    96. Modwell (Private)
    97. Molex (private)
    98. Xcyte Digital (TSXV:XCYT)*
    99..Metaverse 911 (Private) *
    100. Collimation (Private)

    *2022 M100 Award Winner.

    Newly recognized companies in the 2023 M100 Awards include Hello 3D World, DEVAR, Hololux, Jet Style: VR Ride Around Scheveningen, Journee, Meetaverse, Meow Wolf, Metaverse Group, Metaverse Marcom, Metaverse911, Microsoft Mesh, Modwell , Molex, Net Citizens, Spider Entertainment, Virtual Worlds Museum, Veyond Metaverse, and Virbela. The addition of these pioneering companies to his M100 list for the first time highlights the active expansion and growing influence of new entrants in AI, Metaverse, AR, VR and Web3 technologies. From immersive entertainment experiences to cutting-edge technology solutions, these new entrants are making remarkable strides in redefining their space.

    Metaverse Spectrum would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and look forward to witnessing their continued impact on the future of immersive media.

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