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    Dublin, 21 June 2023 (Globe Newswire) — “Ensuring the safety of the virtual world” report added of Recruitment.

    This study analyzes the various security and privacy threats that currently exist in the metaverse and potential countermeasures that businesses can consider to thwart these threats.

    The virtual world or metaverse collects different types of user data, such as personal information (age, gender, name), user behavior (choices/habits), and metadata from personal communications. Participating in virtual environments exposes users to continuous surveillance by commercial providers and hacking by malicious parties.

    Additionally, virtual worlds can create environments of digital abuse such as hate speech, disinformation, violence against women and people of color, and bullying. Providers should implement a strong security her framework encompassing a combination of technical and regulatory solutions to maximize the benefits of using the metaverse while overcoming privacy risks.

    Main Issues Addressed

    • What is the Metaverse?
    • What are the key assets that make up the metaverse ecosystem?
    • What are the main concerns for metaverse end users and what are the commonly exploited threats?
    • What security weaknesses does the metaverse have and how are they classified?
    • How can various metaverse-related security threats be mitigated?
    • What are the existing metaverse-related standards?
    • Who are the key participants in the metaverse security ecosystem?
    • What growth opportunities exist for security stakeholders in the metaverse ecosystem?

    Main topics covered:

    1. Strategic Imperative

    • Why is growth becoming more difficult?
    • strategic imperative
    • Impact of Top 3 Strategic Mandates on Metaverse Security
    • Growth Opportunities Accelerate Growth Pipeline Engine

    2. Growth Opportunity Analysis

    3. The Metaverse and Security: An Introduction

    • welcome to the metaverse
    • Metaverse ecosystem
    • Key Components of the Metaverse Ecosystem
    • Major Assets of the Metaverse Ecosystem
    • Investing in Immersive Technology – A Key Business Concern
    • User Concerns About Metaverse Security
    • Threats Commonly Exploited in the Metaverse
    • driving force of growth
    • restraint of growth

    4. Security Weaknesses in the Metaverse

    • Security Threats to the Metaverse
    • Authentication and access control threats
    • Combat Authentication and Access Control Threats
    • Data management threats
    • Fighting Data Management Threats
    • Privacy Threats in the Metaverse
    • Fighting privacy threats
    • network security threats
    • Fighting Network Security Threats
    • Physical security threats and countermeasures
    • Digital governance threats and countermeasures
    • Existing metaverse standard

    5. Metaverse Security: Key Innovation Profile

    • Cybellum (LG)
    • active fence
    • Certification
    • Oblong
    • quant stamp

    6. A World of Growth Opportunities

    • Growth Opportunity 1: Building Governance Systems and Processes
    • Growth Opportunity 2: Ensuring Data Reliability Using Blockchain
    • Growth Opportunity 3: Preventing Financial Crime in the Metaverse

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