Security Challenges Evolved From ‘Dynamite To Metaverse’, ‘Hawala To Crypto’: Amit Shah

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    Amit Shah proposed a number of measures to combat cross-border cybercriminals


    Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday warned the international community of security challenges that have evolved from “dynamite to metaverse” and “from hawala to cryptocurrencies”, urging G20 countries to urge G20 nations to fight such crimes with traditional boundaries. I asked them to act beyond the line.

    Speaking at the G20 Conference on Crime and Security in the Era of NFTs, AI and the Metaverse, he used darknets, metaverses, deepfakes, ransomware, toolkit-based misinformation campaigns and strategic targeting of critical information. He emphasized the threat emanating from cybercriminals. financial system.

    “The G20 has so far focused on digital transformation and data flow from an economic perspective, but now it’s important to understand the crime and security aspects and find solutions,” he said.

    Amit Shah said such activities are of national concern as they directly affect national security, law and order and the economy. If we need to stop such crimes and criminals, we need to think and act beyond traditional geographic boundaries, he said.

    In order to combat cross-border cybercriminals, the Minister of Home Affairs has called for harmonization of laws in all countries, development of response mechanisms based on different national laws, benchmarking, harmonization of best practices and regulations, and coordination of cybercriminals. He proposed a number of measures, including strengthening cooperation. Agents in any country.

    “An integrated and robust approach to cybersecurity policy promotes interoperability, increases the reliability of information sharing, and reduces agency protocol and resource gaps. What is needed now is , to share ‘real-time cyber threat intelligence’ among active member states.”We need support from industry and academia to secure the country’s critical infrastructure,” he said.

    Amit Shah said our vision for the Internet should not be one of excessive liberty that threatens the very existence of the state, nor should it be one of isolationist structures like digital firewalls. Stated.

    “Technology is a positive development that brings people, communities, and nations closer together, but there are also anti-social forces and global forces that use technology to cause economic and social damage to people and governments.” He added.

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