Seracle continues to expand its Metaverse and Web3 Gaming expansion

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    Seracle, the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure, announces expansion into Saudi Arabia market with the launch of Marhabaverse, a platform poised to transform brand engagement in the dynamic landscape of Web3 gaming and the Metaverse Did.

    Accordingly, Ceracle has established a facility in Riyadh to oversee its operations in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries, driving digital innovation and sustainability in the market.

    By partnering with local businesses, Marhabaverse aims to create immersive and sustainable brand experiences within the Metaverse and Web3 Gaming spaces.

    Marhababaas will soon host some of Saudi Arabia’s top brands and companies, first by helping these brands showcase their products, services and identities, and how these interactions within Marhababaas contribute to carbon generation. We plan to actively contribute to a greener world. Credits used to offset environmental impacts.

    “Seracle’s expansion into Saudi Arabia is a testament to our belief in the transformative potential of Metaverse and Web3 gaming,” said Shrikant Bhalerao, Founder and CEO of Seracle. It represents a commitment to gender and brand innovation.”

    Seracle as a Web3 infrastructure will soon announce SCM, ERP, carbon tracking blockchain integrations and partnerships with local oil and gas and construction companies, Bhalerao added.

    This strategic approach not only strengthens the local ecosystem but also enables Saudi brands to grow in a digital-first world.


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