Shaping tomorrow’s workforce: How technology is redefining talent acquisition

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    asked us TN Global Insider Join our community and share your insights about 2024 and your bold predictions for 2024. We asked: What are your bold predictions for 2024? What technology trends and innovations should we be watching and why?” Insights from here: Kiat How Quak, Bossjob Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

    The most influential technology trend of 2023 is the widespread adoption and integration of augmented reality (XR) technology. This trend has revolutionized multiple industries, especially in how they approach talent development and acquisition.

    In the healthcare sector, the impact of XR is particularly profound. Medical students and professionals use her XR for immersive training experiences and practice surgeries and medical procedures in a risk-free virtual environment. For example, his VR headset from technology giant Meta is already in use at Kettering Health Dayton in the US, demonstrating the potential of these technologies to revolutionize the sector. Such applications enhance the quality of medical education and contribute to improved patient outcomes.

    Additionally, the rise of XR has changed the workforce skills landscape. As remote and hybrid work models become more prevalent, the demand for professionals adept at virtual collaboration is increasing. Companies are now adapting to a workplace where XR tools are becoming commonplace and prioritizing hiring and developing talent with robust digital communication skills.

    XR technology has undoubtedly marked 2023 as a significant year of digital transformation by providing immersive experiences for skill development and redefining collaboration in the workplace.

    As we head into 2024, the following technology trends will further redefine the landscape.

    Metaverse integration in business operations

    Metaverse is expanding its reach beyond gaming and entertainment and transforming business operations. We are already seeing the use of Metaverse technology in product design and engineering, with the impact of the famous car brand BMW using its XR to work on streaming and 3D graphics. It is expected to expand significantly. This commercialization by BMW highlights the growing demand for professionals skilled in XR technology and highlights an impending change in talent acquisition and development strategies.

    Advances in quantum computing

    Quantum computing is expected to take a quantum leap forward, requiring a workforce skilled in quantum physics, mathematics, and algorithm development. This specialized skillset will become increasingly valuable as quantum computing revolutionizes problem solving across a variety of fields.

    sustainable technology solutions

    The technology industry's growing focus on sustainability will impact hiring, attracting professionals who are not only tech-savvy but also environmentally conscious. This change will encourage companies to align their recruitment efforts with green technology solutions to foster a green corporate culture.

    We believe that by aligning talent development and acquisition strategies with these emerging trends, organizations can navigate the dynamic landscape of 2024 and prepare their talent to excel.

    Kiat Hau Quak Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. boss job. Released in 2018, boss job is a chat-first career platform for hiring professionals in Southeast Asia, modeled on one thing we all need in our daily lives: instant gratification. Bossjob aims to provide quick communication between talent and managers, eliminating lengthy or, at worst, unresponsive application processes through direct chat. With his innovative MDD model of “Mobile + Direct Chat + AI Matching”, Bossjob has established itself as a chat-first career platform for professional recruitment in Southeast Asia and is introducing direct chat into the recruitment field. Masu. With the help of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and big data, the platform recommends highly suitable and active candidates to employers and relevant job openings to job seekers. This improves matching accuracy on both sides, reduces information asymmetry, and improves recruitment efficiency.

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