Sheikh Hamdan launches ‘Dubai Program for Gaming 2033’

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    abu dhabi: Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of Dubai Executive Council and Chairman of Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), today announced the launch of the Dubai Program for Gaming 2033. ” was approved for launch. He aims to create 30,000 new jobs in the gaming sector, positioning Dubai among the top 10 cities in the global gaming industry.

    The program also aims to significantly increase the sector’s contribution to the growth of Dubai’s digital economy, increasing GDP by approximately USD 1 billion by 2033.

    The announcement was made during a meeting of the High Commission on Future Technologies and Digital Economy, chaired by Sheikh Hamdan. At the meeting, which was also attended by committee members, the launch of three new initiatives based on the Dubai Metaverse Strategy was also confirmed.

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    Sheikh Hamdan said: “Dubai will continue to keep pace with global trends as we shape and build a digital economy, leveraging advanced technologies and assessing current and upcoming disruptions.” This is in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to position Dubai as one of the most promising cities in the world. .

    “The launch of these new initiatives demonstrates Dubai’s dedication to establishing cutting-edge technology tools, solutions and a nurturing ecosystem for digital transformation. We aim to empower and embrace the technology and digital community within a safe and supportive framework.”

    dubai gaming program 2033

    Sheikh Hamdan further added, “Through the launch of the Dubai Program for Games 2033, our aim is to establish a nurturing environment for developers and attract leading technology companies from around the world, especially digital “It’s about attracting companies that specialize in content and experiences.” The program provides support to developers, designers and programmers, as well as entrepreneurs and start-ups in the creative industries. ”

    “Dubai is well-positioned to take advantage of the vast opportunities in the gaming sector, estimated at approximately USD 200 billion worldwide. We are committed to contributing to the advancement of emerging trends such as VR and AI and We are in a strategic position to evolve to deliver immersive and realistic experiences,” he added.

    The Dubai Program for Games 2033, overseen by Dubai Future Foundation, will focus on three key areas including talent, content and technology. This is in line with various national strategies aimed at strengthening the digital economy of the UAE and Dubai.

    The initiative aims to create a global platform in Dubai that brings together digital content creators and provides training and employment opportunities in partnership with international companies, universities and academic institutions. We also plan to support entrepreneurs and innovators and launch specialized education and training programs.

    The Dubai Program for Games 2033 includes a range of initiatives including local and international events and exhibitions. It also provides opportunities for partnership and collaboration with individuals, businesses and regulatory bodies locally, regionally and globally.

    During the meeting, Sheikh Hamdan also approved the launch of the Metaverse Alliance, Metaverse Guidelines and Metaverse Pioneer as part of the Dubai Metaverse Strategy. This is aimed at strengthening Metaverse development and Dubai’s position as a world leader. Global hub for the Metaverse community.

    The Metaverse Alliance is a global network of government agencies, international technology companies, entrepreneurs, and startups focused on the Metaverse.

    The alliance aims to foster collaboration and partnerships in both global and national projects that center around or incorporate virtual worlds and interactions. We identify the right partners among global technology companies, startups, and talented individuals.

    Additionally, the partnership will provide global technology solutions to local projects with the aim of enhancing existing government services, introducing innovative government services, and establishing an enabling environment for new and innovative technologies. Helpful.

    The Metaverse Guidelines aim to identify the most impactful Metaverse applications and provide a comprehensive framework for Dubai government agencies to regulate and define the best use of the Metaverse in government operations. Masu.

    ‘Metaverse Pioneer’ is a comprehensive program aimed at providing Dubai government employees with essential skills and tools to harness the potential of Metaverse technology in a professional capacity.

    This program includes detailed content covering metaverse concepts, its uses, and applications. It also includes a range of events, training sessions and workshops hosted by Digital Dubai to identify future opportunities aligned with this emerging technology.

    500 people participated in “Create Apps in Dubai”

    Sheikh Hamdan was also briefed on the latest updates on projects and initiatives launched within the framework of the High Commission for Future Technologies and the Digital Economy. These include the ‘Create Apps in Dubai’ initiative where he brought together and trained 500 UAE talent in the field of mobile application development.

    Launched in March 2023 and overseen by the Dubai Digital Economy Chamber, the initiative aims to improve the technical skills of 1,000 talented Emiratis and establish a platform to accelerate the launch of mobile applications. The purpose is As a result, this will contribute to strengthening Dubai’s mobile applications market, especially with the support of a number of government agencies and cooperation with leading global technology companies.

    64,000 small businesses join Amazon’s UAE store

    The conference also highlighted the achievements of Amazon’s efforts to feature products from 100,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in its UAE stores by 2026. A total of 14,000 new companies have registered with Amazon since the initiative began in March 2023. platform. This is a significant increase of 28% in less than six months, bringing the total number of participating companies to 64,000.

    Participants at the Future Technologies and Digital Economy High Committee meeting discussed future plans for the Metaverse Accelerator Program launched by Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) in January 2023 in line with the Dubai Metaverse Strategy. We also considered. A total of 10 regional and international startups graduated as part of the program’s first batch.

    The program attracted more than 250 applications from the UAE and around the world across four key areas: Gaming, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Web 3.


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