Shemaroo Creates Metaverse Experiences for Top Indian Films

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    Indian media group Shemaroo Entertainment has launched a ‘Thematic Metaverse Experience’ with some of India’s iconic films such as ‘Disco Dancer’ and ‘The Great Gambler’. This immersive experience will be set in The Sandbox metaverse under the joint venture cultural hub BharatBox.

    In a blog post published Friday, The Sandbox said the space will host activities ranging from film releases and award ceremonies to live concerts and screenings. It will also feature prominent artists and brands from the Indian film industry known as Bollywood.

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    “Immersive Virtual Engagement” for Bollywood Fans

    shemarooThe company, which reported sales of more than $500 million (approximately $67 million) at the end of last year, entered the Metaverse by partnering with multiple media and entertainment companies, including the BBC and Disney. The announcement offers fans an “immersive virtual engagement” with their beloved characters.

    Arghya Chakravarty, Chief Operating Officer, Shemaroo, said the BharatBox metaverse is “a tribute to our fans, offering them an immersive journey into the heart of Indian cinema, where they can simply relive their favorite moments. You can be a part of it.” ”

    Themed experiences are typically created to capture the essence of cinematic masterpieces, including Bollywood intellectual properties such as Jab We Met, Khuda Gawah, Blue, and 22 Yards, and are filled with A-list stars, locations, and storylines. Bring users into the virtual world.

    As part of the Bharatbox cultural metaverse, Sandbox said several so-called game zones inspired by Indian film classics will be launched soon. Includes a retro night club (inspired by Disco Dancers) and a casino-themed gaming club (inspired by The Great Gambler).

    Based on the movie “Blue,” Underwater Treasure Hunt is a gaming experience where users explore the depths of the ocean in search of treasure. Also, Cricket Game (From 22 Yards) allows players to explore the world of cricket with tournaments and virtual merchandising.

    There’s also a horse riding game experience inspired by the movie Rescue, as well as quests (themed after Cuda Gawa), a social cafe (Jab We Met) and an action game (Tango Charlie). That’s what it means. Blog post.

    “The merging of traditional cinematic masterpieces with the limitless possibilities of the digital realm marks the beginning of a new era for Bollywood lovers around the world,” said Karan Keswani, CEO of BharatBox.

    Increasing media presence in the metaverse

    Sandbox is a decentralized gaming and metaverse platform. Shemaroo Entertainment is a conglomerate that has been producing films and comedies for 60 years. The company operates multiple broadcast channels, and its YouTube channel has over 50 million subscribers.

    Shemaroo joins brands like Disney, Warner Music Group, and Universal that have created their own Metaverse experiences with The Sandbox. In May, the BBC launched Metaverse versions of its popular TV shows Doctor Who and Top Gear, a move that reflects the British broadcaster’s “ambitious use of innovative technology to grow the brand into new categories.” It’s part of a plan.

    A new frontier where people can explore new worlds, meet new people, and create new experiences, the Metaverse is seen as a huge opportunity for media companies to reach new audiences and generate new revenue streams.

    Shemaroo and The Sandbox did not say how users will be able to access the Bollywood Metaverse or when it will be available.


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