Siemens, Sony and more join forces to launch ‘industrial metaverse’

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    Siemens, Sony and others partner to launch “Industrial Metaverse”

    Immersive engineering and artificial intelligence are at the core of new industrial technologies announced at CES.

    Industrial automation giant Siemens has announced a new digital transformation project named Industrial Metaverse.

    The idea of ​​a metaverse is not new, and there are already several virtual metaverse worlds in use around the world. But Siemens' version is aimed at fine-tuning and monitoring industrial processes in a virtual environment, rather than social interaction or entertainment.

    “We envision the industrial metaverse as a virtual world that is nearly indistinguishable from reality, where people collaborate in real time with AI to create real-world applications,” Roland Busch, CEO of Siemens, said in a statement after the keynote speech. “We will be able to address the challenges.” Speech at the CES Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

    “This will enable our customers to accelerate innovation, strengthen sustainability, and deploy new technologies faster and at scale, leading to profound changes across industries and in our daily lives.” Siemens We are proud to work with our customers and partners to introduce new products that bring the industrial metaverse one step closer for all of us.”

    Siemens' partners in this project include Sony, Nvidia, Microsoft, AWS, and the Alliance for OpenUSD. Nvidia will provide smart computing to power the metaverse side, and Microsoft will contribute its OpenAI technology to Siemens' own Industrial Copilot collaboration tool.

    Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services plans to work with Siemens to integrate generative AI into industrial applications.

    Outside of the industrial sector, Red Bull Racing and Sony will collaborate on bringing the same industrial metaverse technology to F1 racing to improve the design and optimization of true high-speed technology.

    One of the key components of Siemens' industrial metaverse is the combination of Sony's new spatial content creation system and the Siemens Xcelerator software suite. In conjunction with the soon-to-be-released use of head-mounted displays, engineers and designers will be able to explore and fine-tune their creations in a virtual environment before deploying them into the real world where the same technicians can monitor them. them in real time.

    “At Sony, we are passionate about supporting creators with cutting-edge technology, and in the field of spatial content production, we have successfully revolutionized the way creators work by leveraging our unique motion and display technologies. ,” Sony's technology and incubation executive said in a statement.

    “We're excited to combine our technology with Siemens' engineering expertise to enable more immersive engineering that redefines the daily workflow of designers and engineers. High-quality, realistic rendering and intuitive This interaction provides creators with the tools to pursue a more immersive creative process that fosters further innovation in the industrial metaverse.”


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