Sing!China metaverse unlocks a new interactive web3

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    NFKings and Star CM launched Sing!Meta, a Web3 entertainment metaverse that delivers immersive and unique interactive experiences to over 100 million viewers and fans.

    Sing!China is one of mainland China’s most popular reality shows. The show invites celebrity mentors to discover talented musicians through blind auditions and team him contests.

    A metaverse version of Sing!China, Sing!Meta will offer viewers, fans and contestants a more engaging, interactive and interactive experience of the show. All items in the metaverse are uploaded to the blockchain and become digital assets that users can own.

    This web3 joint venture between NFKings and Star CM hopes to usher in a revolutionary new trend in the entertainment industry.

    Powered by NFKings’ web3 protocol, Sing!Meta provides a digital bridge for TV viewers to step onto Sing!China’s virtual stage and immerse themselves in entertainment.

    Users can generate their own decentralized identities, record and create their own music as non-fungible assets (“NFTs”), and own and decorate music rooms within the Metaverse, which are also NFTs. , and many other unique accesses are only authenticated through NFTs. NFT owned by them.

    Underlying the recent introduction of various virtual reality products, including Apple’s first Mixed Reality (MR) Vision Pro, is the growing interest and demand for “a glimpse into the future.”

    Sing!Meta allows participants to immerse themselves in a virtual stage for auditions and performances, interacting directly with other viewers and contestants.

    Web3 is entering a new phase of rapid development, facilitated by several government statements. The implementation of new regulations on virtual assets in Hong Kong, known as the “Guidelines for Virtual Asset Trading Platform Operators,” which officially came into force in June, confirms that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is committed to making Hong Kong a major Web3 hub. is shown. For digital assets and digital finance.

    In addition, Beijing recently published the “Beijing Web 3.0 Innovation and Development White Paper (2023)”, recognizing Web3 technology as “an inevitable trend in the future development of the Internet industry”.

    “Web3 and the Metaverse are upending the existing modus operandi of the entertainment industry and accelerating the combination of traditional entertainment and technology in many aspects,” said Tian Ming, CEO of Star CM. .

    “We are thrilled to introduce Sing!Meta to the millions of Sing!China viewers and fans, and look forward to the unique experience Sing!China’s Web3 Metaverse can bring to the industry.”

    NFKings CEO and Founder Matthew Lim and NFKings Founder Mario Ho were also present at the launch, saying, “We are delighted to enter into a partnership with Star CM. We look forward to working together. , Metaverse, blockchain, and cutting technology to strengthen IP.” – Edge technology, optimizing this synergy to achieve a huge traditional IP content matrix. ”

    “NFKings’ powerful Web3 technology will bring a variety of virtual interactive experiences to Sing! China viewers and fans.”

    Co-hosted by Hash Global, an Asian Web3 venture capital firm, to attend the launch event and work together to support Sing!Meta in community building, technology development and investment., a Chinese digital art e-commerce platform, is also invited to attend, where it will explore the possibilities of Web3 with Sing!Meta.

    Sing!Meta will be available for download worldwide.

    NFKings and Star CM will continue to bring variety shows and top IP to the Metaverse, working together to build the next chapter of the Web3 entertainment ecosystem for both industries.


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