Six Flags Revolutionizes Theme Park Experience with Groundbreaking Digital Alliance

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    Six Flags Revolutionizes Theme Park Experience with Groundbreaking Digital Alliance
    January 22, 2024
    January 22, 2024

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    In an unprecedented move in the theme park space, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, the world's largest regional theme park company, has entered into digital partnerships with industry leaders Google, Dell, HCL Tech, Pure Imagination Studios, Snowflake and Fueled. This collaboration marks an important step toward delivering immersive and interactive Metaverse experiences across Six Flags theme parks.

    Transforming our approach to theme parks:

    Six Flags, known as North America's largest water park operator, will leverage advanced technology through the partnership to deliver a unique theme park experience at Metaverse. Dubbed the “Digital Alliance,” the collaboration with Google and other prominent companies aims to redefine visitor engagement and introduce cutting-edge elements such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Metaverse technology.

    Improving your visitor experience:

    The main goal of this ambitious project is to reimagine the visitor experience at various touchpoints within Six Flags theme parks. This includes streamlining pre-visit planning by implementing a personalized smart recommendation system, contributing to a seamless and customized experience for guests.

    Real-time engagement and broader digital alliances:

    The introduction of AI and Metaverse technologies is expected to enhance real-time engagement during guest visits, and Six Flags' collaboration with Google, HCL Tech, Dell, and more marks one of the most comprehensive digital alliances of the year. There will be one. Theme park operators envision offering visitors an extraordinary, virtually immersive exploration of their attractions and iconic amusement parks.

    CEO's vision for guest-centric innovation:

    Six Flags CEO Selim Bassoor emphasized the company's commitment to prioritizing the guest experience. He said: “Guests are at the heart of everything we do and we want to give them the best possible experience when they visit our parks.” Partnering with leading companies is seen as a strategic initiative to leverage data and technology, accelerate innovation, and revolutionize the theme park industry.

    Google Cloud's role in digital transformation:

    Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said the company stands ready to serve as Six Flags' primary cloud provider and AI innovation partner. Kuran highlighted Google Cloud's commitment to making his AI and cloud technologies more accessible to the theme park industry. Through this partnership, the industry can leverage Google Cloud's innovations in data, technology infrastructure, cybersecurity, and AI to create memorable and personalized guest experiences.


    The groundbreaking digital alliance between Six Flags and industry leaders such as Google, Dell, HCL Tech, Pure Imagination Studios, Snowflake and Fueled heralds an era of transformation in the theme park experience. Focused on integrating AI and Metaverse technologies, Six Flags aims to provide visitors with an unparalleled personalized journey and set a new standard for innovation in the theme park industry.


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