Six tech companies hiring to fill cool or weird jobs

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    Working for a tech company in 2023 means many things. Of course, coding and product management are central to any successful technology business.

    But the scope of work within technology companies is as broad and diverse as the products and markets in which they compete. A deep knowledge of television and niche music genres can make you an ideal candidate for roles in streaming media. tech company. Experience in the automotive industry is in demand as technology companies race to develop self-driving technology.

    And, of course, there are unique roles that can only exist within technology companies pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, from the metaverse to generative AI.

    Despite hiring slowdowns and layoffs in recent months, tech companies continue to set priorities and hire specific teams. Below is a roundup of some of the more unusual, unexpected, or just plain weird roles currently being hired at tech companies.

    Anduril Industries — Mission Operations Engineer, Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems Team

    Location: Costa Mesa, California

    Known for defense technology along the U.S.-Mexico border. autonomous watchtower Peter Thiel-backed Anduril Industries, which develops tools like “interceptors” (drones designed to destroy other drones), is looking to expand its offering by hiring engineering leaders for new capabilities. increase. That role is with the Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) team, a group that claims to “build robots that find other robots and knock them out of the sky.”

    Anduril is looking for individuals with a defense or national security background who can obtain a “US Department of Defense S/TS Security Clearance”. Applicants should be able to handle unpredictable and frequent business travel. job description The ideal candidate is able to travel up to 50% of the year and is able to “succeed in the unknown and create order out of chaos,” he said.

    Microsoft — gears of war Narrative designer

    Location: Vancouver, Canada

    Gamers are eagerly awaiting the next version gears of war, a popular third-person shooter. But you don’t have to wait for the game to launch when you can participate in its creation.

    Microsoft’s Vancouver-based development studio The Coalition dozen jobs in March and April for various roles working on gears of war franchise. Studios need animators, producers, engineers, and more.list of Narrative designer is looking for someone to help “achieve the project’s storytelling goals” in campaign and multiplayer modes.

    Microsoft gears of war Since acquiring the rights from developer Epic Games in 2014, the game’s story has sold over 40 million copies. live-action feature film and anime series.

    Netflix — Editorial Insights Strategist

    Location: London

    “Pure movie and TV nerd” isn’t a trait many employers are looking for. However, on Netflix, Binge is the name of the game.What Streaming Video Platforms Are Looking For Editorial Insight Strategist Also, only “serious consumers of visual entertainment” should apply.

    Based in London, the role sorts through Netflix’s vast corpus of content, analyzes the various artistic elements that make shows and movies interesting, and translates them into tags, labels, and other written forms that Part of the team tasked with enhancing Netflix’s personalization capabilities. The right candidate should understand the tropes and themes that make the viewer “laugh, think, run away, cry, tell a friend, ‘You have to see this’.”

    Spotify — Music and Culture Editor

    Location: South India

    World music fans may find their dream job at Spotify’s offices in India. music and culture editor Who would “identify and curate music for all moods, musical genres and different user interests”.

    That said, this job isn’t for everyone. According to Wikipedia, suitable candidates are fluent in Malayalam and Kannada, two Dravidian languages ​​spoken by 35 million and 44 million people respectively in a given region of South India. The music editor essentially “owns” her Spotify curation and overall strategy for these specific languages, establishing industry-wide leadership, the list states.

    ever since Launched in India in 2019Spotify has taken on local streaming services like Gaana, Saavn and Wynk. But this country was one of them. fastest growing market For Spotify, available in 12 languages, the audience is said to have tripled in the last two years.

    Snap — Home Security Guard

    Location: Los Angeles

    If you are passionate about Snapchat and have a valid firearms license, you must meet two criteria: house guard at a snap salary. According to the job posting, Snap is looking for new members to join its executive protection team, which will primarily work in “private family residences.”

    The list does not identify Snap executives who will be entrusted with security, but it should be noted that the gigs include routine interactions with executives and family members at business and social occasions. Please. While this job requires computer skills and oversight of CCTV systems, this is not a desk-bound role pushing pencils. The list states that officers must be able to walk 5 miles during a shift and “the ability to provide protective coverage during physically demanding activities (running, jumping, crawling, bending, lifting, etc.). It is written that you must have “.

    Meta — Avatar Behaviors Engineering Manager

    Location: London

    Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of creating a virtual world, or Metaverse, is going to take a lot of work if it’s going to be the place any of us actually want to spend all of our time.Perhaps most importantly, the inhabitants of this virtual world are more realistic and functional rudimentary cartoon character Or old fashioned video games.

    Earlier this month, Meta advertised a call for research scientists focused on “capturing and reconstructing digital humans.”That job posting is no longer available, but there is another job on Meta “Avatar Behavioral Engineering Manager” Based in London, the work entails making avatars more expressive and capable of fostering deeper social experiences. What would it take to give an avatar such lifelike behavioral characteristics? The list includes tackling “animation, inverse kinematics, sensor loss mitigation, and other hard-to-solve problems,” according to the list. will be


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