SK Telecom Drops “Stone” Currency To Bolster “ifland” Economy

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    In a bold move, South Korea’s leading telecommunications company, SK Telecom, has announced a revolutionary economic system within its metaverse service ‘ifland’. This innovative foray into the metaverse introduces “Stone,” a paid virtual currency that aims to redefine the landscape of digital interaction and commerce. SK Telecom is poised to revolutionize its operations in the Metaverse and broader industry by integrating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and premium content.

    Stone: the new currency of the Metaverse

    SK Telecom’s introduction of the ‘Stone’ currency is nothing short of visionary. While ‘ifland’ previously relied on a free currency system, the addition of ‘Stone’ marks a pivotal moment in the platform’s evolution. Unlike its predecessor, “Stone” is a paid currency that can be purchased through in-app payments, providing users with a seamless and convenient way to access a variety of exclusive experiences and items. Korea Economic Newspaper.

    This dual-currency system is set up to create a two-tier ecosystem within ifland, where users can earn free currency (“Points”) for basic items and “Stones” for premium, high-value assets. You will have access to both. This strategic division opens up a world of possibilities for both users and the platform itself, as it caters to diverse user preferences and financial capabilities.

    Empowering users and creators

    With the introduction of ‘Stone’, SK Telecom empowers users to make more meaningful choices. iland. “Stone” opens many avenues for users to enrich their digital experiences, including acquiring unique items, supporting hosts, visiting exclusive ifHomes, and participating in large-scale meetup events on ifSquare. .

    But the most serious effects may be felt by those with influence in ifland. This innovative economic system offers great opportunities for them to increase their profits. Now, you can monetize your creativity by creating costumes and items, increasing your motivation to contribute to the ever-growing Metaverse community.

    Rich premium content

    SK Telecom’s commitment to ifland’s growth is evident in the introduction of over 16,000 new premium content pieces. This diverse offering includes his four themed custom items for ifHome’s personal spaces, including camping, parties, spaces, and home styling. In addition, motion goods such as famous idol groups’ dances, challenges, and rich emotional expressions are integrated into iland, enriching the user experience with a variety of attractive interactions.

    The vast amount of premium content speaks to SK Telecom’s determination to provide users with a vast and fascinating metaverse. By catering to diverse interests and tastes, ifland becomes an even more attractive virtual destination.

    NFT: A game changer for ifland

    The integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into ifland demonstrates SK Telecom’s forward-thinking approach to metaverse development. Through a partnership with NFT marketplace TopPort, ifland users had a unique opportunity to obtain her NFT-related items.

    These NFT items serve as avatar costumes and decorations on ifHome, giving users new and exciting ways to express their individuality within the Metaverse. SK Telecom plans to introduce NFT for cultural properties as well. Celadon and national treasures at the Gansong Museum of Artfurther enriching the platform’s cultural and historical offering.

    final thoughts

    SK Telecom’s journey into the metaverse with the introduction of ‘Stone’ and NFTs is poised to shock the entire industry. This breakthrough economic system redefines the possibilities of the Metaverse by accommodating diverse user needs and preferences, bridging the gap between free and premium experiences.

    The company’s commitment to offering a wide range of premium content and integrating NFTs positions ifland as a leader in the metaverse and setting new industry standards. This innovative approach not only improves the user experience, but also creates a vibrant, multifaceted virtual ecosystem where creativity thrives and digital commerce thrives.


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