SK Telecom expands metaverse platform with Asian tech partners

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    SK Telecom, South Korea’s leading telecommunications provider, has signed memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with three Southeast Asian technology companies to promote its Metaverse platform overseas.

    The three partners, Malaysian telecom giant Celcom Digi, Indonesian game publisher agate, and Philippine IT company Cosmic Tech, will expand SK Telecom’s reach in their respective countries through localized marketing strategies and content tailored to their user base. Promote the Metaverse platform ifland.

    Ifland is also available in four additional languages: Indonesian, Malay, Filipino, and Spanish. The platform will also be equipped with curation services that can promote content tailored to users in different countries, and SK Telecom will provide the necessary services to improve service quality.

    The three Southeast Asian companies will strive to promote and distribute appropriate content tailored to the demands of their respective user bases.

    The partnership has been under discussion since the beginning of this year, with beta testing to localize the platform in each partner country starting in July.

    SK Telecom says it aims to expand its Metaverse business globally to the US, India and other parts of Europe.

    The South Korean telecom provider has been leading the Metaverse business globally since November 2022, launching the platform in each of its app markets in 49 countries. Since then, the ifland app is now available in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

    “We have partnered with three of Southeast Asia’s leading IT companies and are now able to promote our platform through customized marketing provided through our partners,” Yang Meng-seok, head of Metaverse at SK Telecom, said in a statement. Stated. “Through strengthening our networking and partnerships with overseas companies, we will do our best to provide relevant cultural and social content to ifland’s users around the world.”

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