SK Telecom Partners with DT, T-Mobile US, Axiata & CelcomDigi to Promote Metaverse Business

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    SK Telecom announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Mobile US, Axiata and CelcomDigi to cooperate in promoting the Metaverse business in the global market.

    Since launching the metaverse platform ‘ifland’ in 49 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in November 2022, SKT has decided to provide the platform in an optimized way through cooperation with global telecommunications companies. I’ve been focusing.

    Through MOUs with global telecom companies, which now each have over 100 million subscribers, SKT hopes ifland will better reach users around the world.

    Signs MOU with Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US to expand iland in Germany and US

    On February 27, at MWC Barcelona 2023, SKT will join Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, and T-Mobile US, the global leader in 5G, for ‘inland’ expansion in Germany and the US. signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate with the investigation. .

    The MOU signing ceremony included SK Square Vice President Park Jong-ho, SKT CEO Ryu Yong-sang, Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hegges, Deutsche Telekom Technology and Innovation Director was attended by Claudia Nemato of

    Under the MoU, the three companies will jointly conduct market tests in Germany and the United States, develop content that can serve local customers, and facilitate joint marketing.

    Market testing is expected in the second quarter. SKT, Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US hope these market tests will allow them to try out a wider range of Metaverse services in Europe and the US.

    Signs MOU with Axiata and CelcomDigi to promote iland in Southeast Asia

    On February 28, SKT announced that Axiata, a telecommunications conglomerate in 11 ASEAN and South Asian countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal), CelcomDigi, Malaysia’s largest telecommunications company, and Metaverse Business signed an MOU to cooperate with .

    The meeting was attended by Ryu Young-sang, CEO of SKT, Dr Hans Wijayasuriya and Vivek Sood, Joint Acting Group CEOs of Axiata, and Datuk Idham Nawawi, CEO of CelcomDigi.

    SKT and Axiata have agreed to work together to provide ifland through all Axiata subsidiaries, develop business models around the Metaverse platform, and create AI-based business opportunities to enhance competitiveness.

    In addition, SKT and CelcomDigi will work together to increase ifland users in Malaysia and create new business ideas.

    SKT hopes to expand ifland’s services and develop new business opportunities by expanding the metaverse service to the Southeast Asian market, where Korean culture such as K-contents is gaining popularity.

    SKT Ryu Young Sang CEO
    As we enter the global market with the metaverse platform ifland, major telecommunications companies in each country and region play an important role as partners. We will continue to work closely with various global companies to expand the scope of our Metaverse services.

    Datuk Idham Nawawi, CEO of CelcomDigi
    Serving more than 20 million customers, the collaboration between Malaysia’s leading telecom operator and global ICT leader SKT sets the stage for the development of the country’s Metaverse, driving growth and digitization in the digital economy. We look forward to working together to develop and deliver a wide range of innovative solutions for our customers and businesses in Malaysia, leveraging our innovative technologies and practices, especially in the virtual space.


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