SK Telecom partners with Southeast Asian tech companies to expand ifland

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    South Korean telecom operator SK Telecom has announced three new partnerships with IT companies based in Southeast Asia to increase the number of global users of its Metaverse platform ifland.

    ifland was launched in 2021. It is a Metaverse platform that allows users to build digital avatars that interact in virtual space.

    SK Telecom (SKT) has partnered with Malaysian wireless operator Celcom Digi, Indonesian video game developer Agate, and Philippines-based mobile device manufacturer Cosmic Technologies.

    The carrier claimed in a statement that IT companies can gain experience and exposure to metaverse business without the cost. Meanwhile, SKT will provide content tailored to each country and conduct localized marketing through its partners.

    SKT said talks about the partnership began earlier this year and initial testing has been underway since July. Before signing the contract, we conducted a trial run for IT companies to operate “If Home,” a virtual space where companies can communicate better with their customers.

    To cater to a more global audience, SKT plans to add Indonesian, Malay, Hindi, and Spanish as language options, as well as content curation that will recommend relevant content based on a customer’s location.

    SKT announced that it will grant its partners administrative rights to localize ifland in each region. In the future, the company is also considering the possibility of expanding the Metaverse platform by partnering with the US, India, and Europe.

    ifland mobile app is available in 49 countries.

    “By partnering with more local businesses, we can provide iland users with content and services that understand their culture and society,” said Yan Mensog, SKT’s president, head of metaverse, and chief executive. I want to do my best to do so.”

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