SK Telecom to adopt Indonesian language for metaverse service ‘Ifland’

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    [Courtesy of SK Telecom]

    [Seoul]South Korea’s leading mobile phone company SK Telecom will adopt Indonesian language services on its metaverse platform “Ifland.” The company also plans to collaborate with leading Indonesian game developer Agate to increase its competitiveness in the Southeast Asian country of about 277.5 million people.

    Ifland allows anyone to hold lectures, business forums, and concerts in virtual space. This platform incorporates volumetric capture technology that uses multiple cameras to capture the entire scene in 360 degrees. Using special image capture techniques, he creates three-dimensional (3D) environments for producing high-end virtual reality and augmented reality content. As of July 2023, Ifland has 4.37 million monthly active users, of which 34% are non-Korean. Indonesian users accounted for the second largest percentage after Indians.

    SKT said the company is currently working to include Indonesian language services for Ifland. The mobile phone company plans to work with Agate to create localized content and promote it in Indonesia. “By partnering with more local businesses, we can provide Ifland users with content and services that understand their culture and society,” Yan Mensog, head of SKT’s Metaverse division, said in a statement on November 28. I will do my best to do so.”

    To expand its operations in Southeast Asia, the Korean company has also partnered with Malaysia’s leading telecommunications company CelcomDigi Berhad and Cosmic Technologies, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider in the Philippines. SKT also plans to adopt other languages ​​such as Malay and Hindi in Ifland.

    The Metaverse platform has been incorporated into many sectors in Korea to bridge the gap between online and offline spaces. According to market research firm Emergen Research, the global Metaverse market is predicted to reach $828.95 billion by 2028.

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