SKT boosts metaverse content deals

    Published on:

    SK Telecom (SKT) has signed deals with Malaysia’s CelcomDigi, Indonesian game developer and publisher Agate, and Philippine IoT platform provider Cosmic Technologies to create local content for the South Korean company’s metaverse platform ifland.

    SKT said in a statement that the publishing partnership with the three companies is aimed at developing localized content and marketing materials in each market, as well as providing key customer support.

    The operator added that the deal will allow partners to gain experience in the Metaverse business without making initial investments for service development, while allowing SKT to deliver content tailored to each country and region. The companies have begun testing localization of the service, including joint marketing activities and local events hosted by partners in a dedicated section of iland.

    SKT is also working on adding Indonesian, Malay, Hindi, and Spanish to the list of languages ​​supported by ifland.

    A year ago, SKT set a goal to make the service a world-leading metaverse space, launching the platform in 49 international markets and signing distribution and content deals with local partners in several countries.


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