Somnia Forges New Pathways in the Metaverse to Empower Creators

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    Somniareleased by Virtual Society Foundation (VSF)emerges as an innovative project introducing L1 blockchain and omnichain protocols designed for vast interconnected virtual societies capable of hosting millions of people. They plan to redefine the metaverse landscape with a high-performance blockchain capable of over 100,000 transactions per second with sub-second finality. “Sub-second finality” refers to the blockchain network’s ability to confirm transactions and ensure that they are irreversibly recorded on the blockchain ledger in less than one second. This technology aims to ensure a fairer distribution of value among creators.

    At the heart of Somnia's mission is a breakthrough protocol that enables existing NFT collections to exceed their current limitations. Somnia ensures metaverse readiness by upgrading these collections to interoperable 3D objects.

    The team chose to use Solana as the underlying blockchain, which is known for its high throughput and low transaction costs. This choice reflects Somnia's commitment to scalability and efficiency, which are critical to supporting vast metaverse environments and complex user interactions.

    This project aims to redefine the creator economy by increasing the versatility of digital assets and increasing their usefulness across various Metaverse platforms. This strategic move increases the value of NFTs in an open and collaborative digital universe where creators can shape their destinies as they see fit.

    Paul Thomas, founder of Somnia, shares this vision, saying: “The launch of Somnia is not only a big step for the Metaverse, but also a game changer for blockchain technology. Most blockchains excel in the financial space, but we are breaking new ground in the social space. “We're tackling creative ventures and overcoming the scaling challenges that have historically held back progress. Our protocol embodies the dream of a connected, composable metaverse and builds on precedent. It fosters community collaboration where none exists.”

    Introducing Somnia's Betanet protocol, soon to be integrated with MSquared's protocol origin The engine will demonstrate the ability to host large-scale events such as official virtual stadiums. MLB And release of Kpop album Two degrees. This network promises to revolutionize the way digital gatherings are experienced by making the Metaverse more accessible and interactive than ever before.


    Somnia and the Virtual Society Foundation chart a new path for the digital age, where the boundaries between virtual spaces are blurred, creating a unified and dynamic world full of opportunities for both creators and users. Their efforts are committed to strengthening the Metaverse's technical framework and fostering a vibrant community where innovation, creativity, and collaboration thrive.


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