Sony bets on metaverse with new mixed reality headset

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    Yoshinori Matsumoto, the Japanese company's chief technology officer, said the Metaverse would follow a similar path to the World Wide Web and eventually become “essential to our lives” as more people start using it. He said he believed it was possible.

    Matsumoto spoke after Sony announced that it is developing a new mixed reality headset and controller system for businesses and creators. This allows users to perform 3D design work using a headset, allowing virtual items to appear in front of the user and be manipulated. Use companion fingers and hand controllers.

    Sony said the device was initially aimed at people involved in advanced 3D content creation, such as engineering and industrial design, but over time it could also be used for entertainment and game design and experiences.

    Metaverse is the name given to a virtual world that users enter via a virtual reality or mixed reality headset to interact or collaborate with other users. Users are often represented as digital avatars.

    Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg has spent billions of dollars pivoting his company's business toward Metaverse companies, claiming he believes they will ultimately become the next version of the internet. did.

    Last year, Apple introduced its first mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, which will be available for the first time in the U.S. next month.

    In an interview with the PA news agency, Matsumoto said Metaverse will allow content production, editing and engineering to move “from 2D to 3D”, thereby increasing consumer entertainment and creativity, an important market for the company. said that it would be transformed.

    “The Metaverse presents us with many opportunities,” he said.

    “Perhaps the Metaverse will completely change communication. We will be communicating with 3D figures and real figures, and social networking will change.

    “On the other hand, entertainment changes, and writing music and other things completely changes in a 3D situation.

    “Sony Group is an entertainment company, so we want to create entertainment value. That's why we're working with Metaverse.”

    He added that the company believes in helping people in the creative industry “realize their dreams” in terms of “what they do as creators.”

    In addition to its technology and electronics businesses, the Sony Group includes industry-leading companies across the entertainment sector, including Sony Pictures and Sony Music.

    Matsumoto acknowledged that the Metaverse is still in its infancy and convincing people that using the Metaverse is “heavily reliant on applications and content,” adding that Sony is already working with creators to “make sure that the Metaverse has arrived.” He added that he is working to make it worthwhile at that point.


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